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I have a brand new MacBook Air 13" with an external superdrive connected. I connect an external Epson projector to display my screen up on the wall. When I insert my DVD in the Superdrive I can run it on my MBA screen no problem but it will not project through the Epson. All I get is a gray and white checkered pattern on the wall.


I can use my son's new MacBook Pro and Epson and project the DVD just fine.


This is a training DVD that I need to run for classes I teach and need to be able to use the SuperDrive and my MacBook Air. What's up?

MacBook Air
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    Unfortunately I cannot help with your question.  This exact same thing is happening to me.  Since it has been a year since you had this problem, I was wondering if you ever found a solution? Thanks. Bob

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    How are you connecting your projector (Thunderbolt, RCA, S-Video, HDMI?)


    In System Preferences:Display does the projector show up and have a profile? It should. You may have to change the resolution/refresh rate (signal)  of that profile in order to get the video to show up. Depending on your connector you might not be able to choose a compatible resolution and refresh rate (Study the information included with your projector) . . . in that case you might need to use a different adaptor/connection.