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I currently have a mid 2009 MacBook Pro. The hardware is perfectly capable of handling Windows 8 Pro without an issue, so why is this model Macbook Pro not supported with Boot Camp 5? Also, are there any plans to support it in the future?



MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    i think nobody know it,so,you could sent this message to JOBS for help.

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    I feel your pain.  I'm in the same situation.  It seems to me that they've dropped Windows 8 support for all Intel Macs not running a Core i5 or better processor.  Seems odd considering my 2.53Ghz Core2Duo would handle Windows 8 with no problem.  Looks like it may be time to upgrade....or is that what Apple wants me to do????

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    this absolutely infuriated me.  i installed windows 8 on my imac with bootcamp 4, thats right no official support, and had 0 issues.  i was waiting to buy a bigger hard drive for my MBP Mid 09 to do it, which i finally bought and installed, along with 8gb of RAM.  I was even happier that official support came with 10.8.3 and Bootcamp 5, only to get all ready to go and get a stupid "not supported message" in BootCrap Assistant.  Yes apple, im very angry with you.  I wish i could downgrade to 10.8.2 and do this.  Instead im trying this:  "Pretending" to install windows 7 in bootcamp, use my old Windows 7 install disc, then after bootcamp does the partition, remove the win7 disc and put my new 8 disk in and see what happens.  If this doesnt work, im doing it manually, like they did in the past with vista when bootcamp stopped supporting that.  Which is using disk utility in recovery, creating a new partition, and under options on the new windows partition - use master boot record, and MS-DOS format.   Google it for more accurate instructions.  i will post back about how tricking bootcamp 5 with a win 7 disc works out, because in my opinion, the hardware is there, we just need to gather our own drivers, like the trackpad ++, and some other fixes i seen using visual studio express.... but thanks a lot apple, i spent my money on a brand new 27" iMac, my MBP runs like an animal - WHY WOULD I WANT TO REPLACE IT!?

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    I hear ya.  I've upgraded the RAM (now at 8GB) and also my harddrive (now using a 750GB Seagate Momentus XT).  The computer still runs great, even after almost four years!  I found this.....



    Check it out and see if it helps in your quest to install Windows 8.

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    I did it!  Well it's installing as we speak.  Craziness.  My mid 09 MBP started to not read my DVD with the ISO file for windows 8, I'll tell you what, those cleaning discs you can buy made my SuperDrive work again, thank god, I was getting really frustrated.  Here's what I did. 


    -open bootcamp assistant 5.0. (If your on 10.8.3 like I unluckily at this time was)

    -click install windows 7

    -partition the space you want

    -here's the clincher, if you have a windows 8 install disc, bootcamp will not proceed, you need to have a windows 7 iso, which you can find on the net, it's not piracy if you don't intend to license it, we are just using it to "trick" bootcamp to partition our drive correctly.


    -your MBP will restart and go into windows 7 install mode

    - click the x to cancel the win7 installation, it warns you it will restart.

    -upon restart, you'll hear the beloved Mac chime, immediately hold down the "option" key

    -you'll now see your main startup disk, and recovery disk, hit eject and yank that trick or treater win7 disc and insert your windows 8 disc

    -wait a bit and you'll see the windows disc icon pop up next to your main startup and recovery disk. 

    -click the windows disc and install!


    *you may have to plug a wired mouse in at this time, my touchpad will move the cursor, but clicks are not recognized...yet



    -------my install is almost complete, I will post results here for any other orphaned by apple and win8 mid 09 MacBook Pro users.  There will be some driver work we must do next I'm sure.

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    And the install is a success. 


    Here's what's NOT working


    -touch to click, using wired USB mouse...for now

    -no OSD for any of the buttons

    -no keyboard backlight


    I haven't installed the support package yet into windows...  Doing so now.  I'll report back when all solutions are made


    Big thanks to above poster, I'm going to use your method now

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    got it, with what i said here, and Petros Fragis post above.  Though i had to do some extra legwork, im starting a new discussion topic right now with my full tutorial on how i did, and ill post a link to it here momentarilly.

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    heres the link to my complete tutorial on how to get this done - in my own way



    thanks for help/looking

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    First of all, I would like to thank everyone who answered my post. Thanks to all the good information provided here, I am now posting this from my Mid 2009 MacBook Pro running Windows 8 beautifully. I would, however,  like to pose another question to the group. When I go to my device manager, I am seeing one device that does not have drivers and I have been unable to locate drivers for it. The device is listed as "coprocessor". If anyone knows where I can get the proper drivers for this please shoot a link, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hey Jamesd0821 - this driver seems to give others using actual pc built laptops an issue, and i believe it has something to do with the NVidia Card, whih i remember mine automatically downloading, but i also see my install is missing this driver as well, it may be a phantom issue, but nontheless im investigating and will post a solution shortly.

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    i think i fixed it.... stay tuned, first and foremost, get your windows 8 installed to the latest Java Run Time..more in a bit

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    This one is indeed releated to Invidia, and its strange. To fix, you need to download the old windows 7 bootcamp driver folder (look at my tutorial for the correct version number, link is above...but read down for the right number, i originally made a mistake)  Once you have the old Win7 driver folder on your desktop, go to the device manager, and to that pesky little coprocceser issue, and click "update driver"  use the browse my computer option, and just point it to the root of the folder, dont go in deep to the drivers section,not necessary.  Windows will find the Nvidia controller bcrap it needs and you'll be 100% Windows Driven Mid-09 MacBook Pro that Apple abandoned.  (im still swoll about that) lol

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