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    Rock On!!! I thank you for the solve projectRelentless. I thought it had to do with nVidia, however, everytime I tried to update through nVidia's system system would lock up. I will say that this is my first fortay into the world of Apple and there ave been some things that I have really liked (i.e. running windows and OSX on the same machine...hackintoshes are just too much of a pain in the butt.) but this leaving those who have 2010 or early 13inch MBP's out in the cold really irked me. I happen to be in the minority that accually like W8 and I have noticed that (since I have had it on here with proper support) Windows 8 runs smoother and faster on my MBP than OSX (Mountain Lion 10.8.3) ever has.

    Again, Thank you and everyone else who posted here to help resolve this unfortunate situation that Apple created for us. I hope this helps others as much as it has helped me.



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    Ok its Nvidia  I get confused with Invidia STi performance parts

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    Awesome!  Thanks for posting that it worked for you too, a thriving community will helps leagues of people, and you might not even know how many people are helped along the journey. 


    I too am a Windows 8 lover, i migrated to Mac only for my app development company, and xcode being an osx only thing.  windows before 8 were very lumbering, laggy and really not that intuitive.  Windows 8 is sleek, the design is awesome, and i even run it in some older pcs i had sitting around and it breathes new life into them. 


    and your right, it runs smooth with a dual boot setup, i purposely put a bigger hd and 8 gigs of ram (total cost about 130) and did clean installs of both os's and restored what i wanted from time machine, and which ever os i run, im stoked in.  i keep osx for my Adobe Creative Suite work, Coda2 and xCode, and Windows 8 to handle Android/Windows Phone development with the new Visual Studio, as well as business amdinistrative stuff with quickbooks and office.


    Rock on man!

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    You know, I looked through this whole thread and all I see is level one members, no pro's. I kinda think that's sad.

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    Does that mean I'm bad or that no one is bumping us?  I'd love to be a bit higher!

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    I admire your tenaciousness in solving this bootcamp 5 issue. I think the reason your thread is kind of orphaned here may be due to the fact that Win 8 is just not very popular with Windows users. Especially WITHOUT a Touchscreen monitor! I've spoken with a few computer builders and IT support people, and they just won't go with Win 8 without a touchscreen. It's just too clunky using a mouse and keyboard compared to Win 7 for most people.


    That being said, as time goes on, there WILL be people who will be thankful for the work you've done.


    Myself, I'm sticking with bootcamping my mid 2009 MBP with a Win 7 upgrade overtop of a Vista 64 install using Boot Camp 4 and a 750 GB WD Scorpio Black, with 4 GB original ram. On the mac side, I'm still running Snow Leopard 10.6.8 as long as I possibly can, due to generally poor reviews for upgrades to Lion or Mountain Lion. Not even considering Mavericks at all, ever!

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    Ok i have solved this, after a while of looking at this thread, and now i will *Bump* it.

    You need:


    - A (unnecessarily) unsupported Mac (Ex. a Macbook Pro Mid 2009)

    - A Genuine windows 8 disk

    - Any version of OS X

    - A smile when you finish this tutorial


          First, Open bootcam... wait NO YOU DONT NEED TO!!!

    1 Open Disk Utility


    2 Go to your internal drive, should be the first this in the list of attached drives/disk images


    3 Go to partition


    4 Click the +


    5 Name your partition, and format it to MS-DOS


    6 When its finished, insert your Windows 8 CD


    7 Shut down your computer (Read ahead, as the rest is very simple)


    8 Turn it on, BUT QUICKLY press and hold the alt/option key


    9 Boot from the disk, it may take some time for it to load, but it should be named Windows or Install, but don't click ESD


    10 When it boots from disk, Click Start Install than all the other accept and next buttons until you get to the choose a drive screen


    11 Choose the drive you want to use (or the partition, wait no it is the partition you made earlier, without bootcamp) than click format


    *Important Note* You must format it, so that it will be in the NTFS drive format, which all windows drives are formatted to.


    12 Click accept, and next until you get to the install screen


    13 Smile


    14 Laugh at how simple it was and how you didn't have to use a windows 7 disk


    15 Post a thanks and use your new windows partition


    16 Tell me how it went


    Thanks for reading and your welcoming for figuring this out. No partitioning your internal drive will not trigger nuclear war in your computer, i thought it would, but it didn't. I told you how to install it, not how to get drivers. Im still working on that .

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