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I am trying to design a low-cost system for use in Education and Small Enterprise, where cost-sensitivity is a key factor, but iPads and similar are seen as ideal user platform. However, I cannot seem to find a way to get an iPad to opne/save files to any form of networked file storage? Without this function, iPads are as much use as chocolate tea pot in such environments.


Does anyone know of any way to get an iPad of other iOS device to connect to any form of networked file storage to retrieve and/save files?

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    Does anyone know of any way to get an iPad of other iOS device to connect to any form of networked file storage to retrieve and/save files?


    There isn't a centralized file management utility like the Finder or Windows explorer.  Each app manages the exporting and importing of file.


    That said, there are common ways of importing and exporting files.


    There are lots of ways of moving files.  USB to iPad supports only "Camera" files via camera connection kit.


    A simple and popular way to copy files.



    Using iTures to transfer files:



    Look in the app store for accessing Windows File servers.


    for example:



    Configure WebDave on your server.


    This thread has good info.



    How to transfer files from your iPad to your PC with iPad to Computer Transfer



    More ways to transfer files and access Word documents:




    Try the combo of:

    Diskaid on your computer and FileAppPro on your iPad


    Good old FTP

    FileApp and FileApp Pro


    I use Mac OS pureFTP server.  It comes as part of PureFTPd Manager software download at this site.





    For syncing pc or mac folders to iPad applications.


    "Using SugarSync, you simply designate folders that you want to “sync” to the cloud and it keeps everything in sync anytime you make changes.  This is the way cloud storage should be done and especially if you are using your iPad for buisness or for school."





    Doug says:

    "This can be done with Dropbox as well using one of the many Dropbox addons…"



    The only potential downside is that so many apps for the iPhone/iPad come with Dropbox sync built in which makes it extremely convenient.




    Download in a web browse


    Download in a web browser. Use the open in puldown to copy to the app.  Rename in GoodReader(Lite)


    by ddkilzer

    "One way to work around this is to use an app like GoodReader(Lite) that you can send the file to, rename it, then try to open it again in iSpreadsheet or DocsToGo. "









    email the file









    Enhancing the Application


    If you can change the app, you could add support to the App to read the file from some server.  Some hints here:






    Here is what I found on the topic.

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    Enable WebDAV on your server, whatever apps your using on the iOS device would have to support WebDAV eg pages

    Or you could try one of the IOS apps like files connect

    Which will allow access to network shares AFP SMB etc

    Or something cloud based

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    Perhaps I need to rephrase the question a bit.


    What I need to achieve is for an OS X server disk to be mounted (via wireless) to an iPad as its ONLY means of data storage. E.g. when a user opens the iPad, they must login to their server/network account. All data they access and store is with the server and NONE is stored locally on the iPad.


    Thus if they logout, the iPad they just used contains NONE of that user's data whatsoever!


    They should then be able to pick up a different iPad, login to the server network and carry on where they left off.


    In this scenario, all iPads are identical, so it doesn't matter which iPad is used to access the network. It is just a terminal with some Apps they can use to access their private data on the shared server.

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    You can lock the iPad to one application.


    You could lock to google chrome and use google apps.


    You could write your own app.


    Look at an app like divide.  Prehaps it would be of some help.




    The device is designed for use by one individual.  It is not intended to be shared.