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Hi All;


My MBPro's GPU recently crashed and I had to copy my HD as a Sparstbundle via TDM on to an external HD.  I do not wish to move over the entire HD just various contents, such as photos and mail folders etc.  I wish to move said contents to my "User" on my wifes MBAir. Finding these items didn't use to be this hard, of course I didn't use to be this old either






PS:  I do have my MBPro back now and all is well but I am giving it to my sister as a gift.  I'm  sure I can reinstall the old system and info but do not want to do this.  I zeroed out the hd and wish to present it as a clean OS with none of my imfo on it.


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    Hi, jjdubz again


    I would like to add that the sparsebundle mounts just fine and I can search through it. .  I see my old desk top and it's contents and other follders/pics scattered around the HD.   The problem is I cannot find any data for "system" apps.


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