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I need to download snow leopard

Mac Pro, iOS 6.1.2
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    You need to buy it on DVD from the online Apple Store.



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    It is understandable why you are wanting to download snow leopard, especially now since the only way to get it is through an online order and a good amount of Apple users have only Leopard (10.5.8).  Regardless of this reason, you are taking a huge risk if you take this route. Why? Three reasons why:

    1.) It's illegal

    2.) all downloads are not 100% secure and could develop unfortunate malware and/or other security breaches which will temporarily-permanently damage your computer device.

    3.) You won't know if what you download is completely there.  Someone can upload 99.9% of a program and keep that crucial 0.1%.  Thus causing more frustration on your end and having a desire to follow up with another potential bad decision.


    It's a cruel world out there @wesser13, please try not to contribute towards making it worse.


    Snow Leopard needs to be purchased on a disc, like all previous version of Mac OS X.  Lion and Mountain Lion are purchased with a download from the Mac App Store, which requires Snow Leopard or later. (Although, I hear it could be possible to skip Lion from Snow Leopard to go straight to Mountain Lion. I'm sure you do need to update Snow Leopard all the way in order for this to happen.)


    Although it is no longer listed in the Apple Store, I heard you can still buy it by calling them at 1-800-MY-APPLE and asking for it.  The price should be about $30 (plus tax).