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I know Boot Camp Assistant says my files won't be deleted when partitioning but will they be?

There is a warning: "Formatting this drive will delete files on it."

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Stop what you are doing and explain what you are doing.

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    Opened boot camp assistant alloted 32 G for windows XP.  Inserted disc and windows started installing.  Chose "bootcamp 32G partition"  Installation continued wanted to continue partitioning but posted the warning above.


    Frequently asked questions states: "Using BCA will not erase information on the Mac OS volume."


    I want to be sure files will not be erased by partitioning.


    Another warning: using 3rd party disc utilities to partition may erease the disk.  The 3rd party disc or files on the HD?

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    What you are saying makes no sense. Boot Camp formats the partition before installing Windows, you could not have got this far without a formatted partition. Windows 7 requires you to reformat the partition to NTFS, and it does it using the Windows installer.


    Take a picture of this message if you are unable to tell me where it came from.

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