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Well I was using my iphone 4s, When restart and it did not turn on gets stuck in the presentation of apple (the apple) and at the top left of the screen above the apple logo reincia Appears this text, down and then turns back on and i get the same error , i try to restore with itunes restore mode and throws me error!, could anyone help? I'm going crazy!. Thank you!



This is the mistake That I get up the logo and then reboots iphone and Continues to Appear;



(NAND) _findflashmediaandkeepout: 600 physical nand block offset 1



(NAND) start: 355 this 0x9e36e300 PROVIDER = 0x9e3e9400 falshmedia = 0x9e3e9400



(NAND) WMR_Start: 149 PNN Apple NAND Driver, Read / Write



(NAND) WMR_Start: 174 FIL_INT (OK)

iPhone 4S
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    See this




    What error do you get in iTunes ? It Appears to be a verbose boot....


    Does this happen if connected to wall charger or computer ?

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    this error appear only in the telephone, i try get it turn on and it appears :S

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    Necrone wrote:


    i try to restore with itunes restore mode and throws me error!,

    Please answer as asked


    1. What error (number) thrown out by iTunes ?


    2. If iPhone connectted to computer or a wall charger and the it reboots, does the "NAND error" still shows ?

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    Sorry for bad English

    i got the same problem and i was looking for how to fix this problem and i found this Topic

    i will answer you when i put my iphone 4s in cable with itunes trying to Restore its go normaly till itunes go to preparing phone for restore then the phone keep restarting with the same nand screen Trying to get prepared for itunes then itunes give me error 1611


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    hey another time trying to restore after i got error 1611

    this time thare is anew the phone hangs with appl logo with out nand screen appear

    and itunes also hangs with preparing iphone for restore


    after hanging the new error was 1603


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    For errors 1611 and 1603 see




    (You can choose your native language in the document.)


    If it does not get restored/resolved, it is a hardware failure.

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    New Error is 21


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    Check Hosts file of computer. Is it redirecting iTunes away from Apple servers ?


    Delete all lines containing gs.apple.com. Reboot and try restore.

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    bro i did waht u said about gs.apple.com but the devise him self dos`t boot up with this massge even if i tried to restor with DFU/Recovery waht ever the Devise dos`t boot up another copy of the Error somtimes this error somtimes the Topic Error


    [nand] _FindFlashMediaAndKeepout:600 physical nand block offset 1

    [nand] start:355 this 0x928c2300 PROVIDER=0x92432500 flashmedia=092432500

    [nand] WMR_Start:149 Apple PPN NAND Driver. Read/Write

    [nand] WMR_Start:174 FiL_Init    [OK]

    [nand] WMR_Open:371  VFL_Open   [OK]


    Did`t Get more the phone just start

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    I know this won't be re-assuring at all but I thought I'd add the extra info..... My 4s died back on the evening of Tuesday, July 9 and was giving the same error.  So today is Friday and I was going to take a drive to the Apple store and have them look at it.  I plugged it in to give it some charge and was having breakfast when I heard the familiar chirp announcing missed calls and messages. Somehow it seemed to rise from the dead and is still acting ok now, maybe three hours later.  I didn't do anything special other than trying to hook it up to Itunes and confirm I could get to the restore optionby holding down the home button, which I did accomplish.  I'll update this link if I learn anythng more.

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    I have the exact same problem.

    The only differance is that when I plug in my phone to my computer, it won't pop up on itunes at all and it does not show up in my finder menu. I just want to try resoring it, but I can't even do that.

    So frustrated at the moment.


    Did you end up fixing your phone?

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    After my reply of July 12, I did hook up to my computer and do a backup, which I realized had been done when I last plugged my phone in prior to the crash.  The phone has been ok since except for two instances.  In both cases, I had set up to take a photo and then the phone spontaneously rebooted. After the reboots it was ok so I'm trying to hang on with this until I decide to do a replacement.  We're eligible with our carrier now so we're strategizing about when.  Wish I could offer more hope but that's all the info I have right now.

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    hey i read all comments on the nand error... i find a way to solution to my problem which was very hard to figure out.... i decide to test and clean all components on it doesnt work to me.... But i start connecting my connecters one by each day and i figure the problem.... it was the power connecter