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  • lime-iMacG3 Level 1 (20 points)

    two days ago, there was a third page. Now, when I go directly to it via my email notification, I get "unauthorized".


    Some Apple Admninistrator, did think this is a flame war, and deleted the third page, but left the whole page 2 intact, where you can still read maybe "problematic" posts.


    The big problem I have with that is, that on page three I comitted something to the topic and I translated a german text into english. Now the knowledge and my work of translation is gone. Well done Apple!


    It seems they don't delete content sensitive.


    In the "unauthorized message I get after log-in, there it says "if you find this is wrong, please contact your administrator". I would love to, but there is no way I can find an administrator. Hm, so I guess I am stupid and have to live with that and will never get an answer, why my helpful post, which was on topic and not reffering to anybody or flaming against anybody, is gone.

  • BDAqua Level 10 (122,286 points)

    I thought that was very good info myself, but I think what happened... not in the know... is your post was a Reply to some other post, when the other post got deleted for whatever reason, then replies to that post get deleted.


    Wished I'd saved a copy of your post.

  • steve359 Level 6 (13,357 points)

    One of our overly-self-centered contributors decided to start calling people "idiot" and "ignorant".


    Sadly that distrupted the flow of useful information and required remediation by the moderators.

  • Electricidad Level 1 (70 points)

    Its unfortunate the people trying to help are censored by biased people here. Yet, outright and very obvious rule violations like steve359's post saying "Your mother already called "bedtime", young man." is left completely untouched.

  • BDAqua Level 10 (122,286 points)

    At the risk of being infammatory again, I've stated your case to the Mods.

  • steve359 Level 6 (13,357 points)

    You always need to fight.  You can never walk away and re-examine why people react negatively to you.


    Ask adults in your life why people dislike being called ignorant, especially when you unlikely would make such statments when arguing face-to-face (some people think "anonymous boards" means "I can be obnoxious").

  • Electricidad Level 1 (70 points)

    steve359 wrote:


    You always need to fight.  You can never walk away and re-examine why people react negatively to you.

    I'm sorry, I'm not the one hurling insults and calling people names. If you don't like being called out for being wrong....don't be wrong!

  • lime-iMacG3 Level 1 (20 points)

    Is there a way to call a Mod or Admin and to get my post back? Maybe if I write a bad word thousand times and under it I declare, that I just wanted to make contact to them

  • lime-iMacG3 Level 1 (20 points)


    to ALL!!! Does someone maybe have a post notification mail in his mail account, where my post about SSD TRIM and other techniques is shown in and can copy the text. I do not want to re-translate the text I found. If there is no one and no Apple Mod/Admin will fix what they crippled here, I will just sum up, what I said (maybe making things unclear and giving rise to new misunderstandings...)

  • Glen Doggett Level 4 (1,840 points)

    lime-iMacG3 wrote:


    I remembered, there was another reason I always was sceptical against flash drives.


    I found an explanation in a german Mac Forum:


    The loss of speed over time, by SSDs is linked to the way SSDs are deleted, which is different from HDDs. Entries for deleted files are stored by the OS only in the index of the filesystem both for HDDs and SSDs. The actual file keeps intact (but the "link" to it is "hidden").


    In the case of a HDD this is no problem, since the space will be overwritten, whenn needed.


    With an SSD the "store cell" (german: Speicherzelle?) would have to be reset, before it can be used again.


    That takes time, which is why a SSD gets slower when saving files (writing files), when the cells once all are almost full. This state lasts from this moment on, which is why it has from this time on always longer times for writing than, when it was fresh.


    To prevent this, the entry of the file has to not only be deleted from the filesystem, but also from the contentsystem og the SSD itself (which is in its controllerchip).


    This can be done


    a) from the OS, during deletion, which is called TRIM. But Mac OS doesn't support TRIM (you need Mac OS X 10.6.6 at least, but only if you bought a MacBook Pro, which allready came with an SSD). The "Normal" 10.6 has no TRIM and will not run on PowerPCs anyway.


    b) to delete the entry out of the SSD controller, the SSD has to have the feature Background Garbage Collection which exectues the TRIM function hardware wise. But these SSDs are even more expensive, but they would run without maintenance.




  • Electricidad Level 1 (70 points)

    TRIM is not needed on modern SSDs as the internal hardware handles cell clearing automatially when the OS deletes a "file" from the table.

  • lime-iMacG3 Level 1 (20 points)

    Thanks Doggett!


    @ Electricdad: Thanks for that info, so it has changed since late 2011? If I get a hand on a cheap used SSD I will test it, but not at the moment. Weird though, used SSDs go for the same price on EBay here, as a totally new one from the store. I wonder, if people don't have a look at prices anymore, before buying used stuff.

  • Electricidad Level 1 (70 points)

    eBay sellers count on it! Thats why I never touch eBay for anything, especially since they acquired PayPal and went  greedy with their fees/payment options.

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