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How do I remove all 4000 photos from iPhone 5 camera roll to Mac?

iPhone 5, iOS 6, Regarding iCloud storage
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    Photos/videos in the Camera Roll can be imported by your computer as with any other digital camera. When there are photos/videos in the iPhone's Camera Roll, it is also detected as a digital camera when connected to your computer.


    With a Mac, you can use iPhoto for this if you use iPhoto for photo management on your Mac. If not, you can use the Image Capture application for the import. Both include an option to delete all photos/videos from the Camera Roll after the import process is complete.

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    Thank you for answering.  I plugged in my phone to the Mac and it named 202 out of 3683 photos as new and asked to import.  I did.  I was not prompted in iphoto to completeley remove all photos from iphone's camera roll. Only the ones that imported. So now I am just left with the delete option on my iphone.  How do I get there to delete all 3683 now that we know they are on mac?

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    Launch Image Capture from your Applications folder, connect your phone & use Image Capture to delete these photos.

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    I had this problem too.


    To clarify the answer, image capture is an application on a mac computer, not the iPhone. On your MAC computer, go to the Finder window and look for the Applications folder, then open the application (program) called Image Capture.app

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    have a look at the date of the last posing in this thread