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Hi All.

I had 2 years of voicemails in my 3GS. Gave the phone to my wife, and when AT&T changed sims, all voicemails disapeared.

I got back to them, asked to replace the line, for mine again, and VOICE mails have not showed up.


I'm sure they are in the phone, but not being shown as the SIM, is not the original one.

Talked to Apple support, and to AT&T. They have no clue. In fact, they did not know that when you delete a voicemail, you can still recover it with the UNDELETE. But in this case, they are nodisplayed either.







iPhone 3GS, iOS 3.0.1
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    When one restores an iPhone from its own backup, visual voicemail is also restored. However, when one restores a new iPhone from a backup from a previous phone, the voicemails fail to restore. This occurred between my 3G to 4s, and again from the 4s to a 5s. Restoring the 4s once from its own backup resulted in voicemail recovery.


    My only explanation is that when a different SIM card is used, voicemails cannot restore as one would otherwise expect. Perhaps voicemails are inexplicably tied to their SIMs; I believe this may be why your VMs vanished when you switched SIMs.


    Unfortunately, newer models of iPhones tend to use exceedingly different sizes, rendering one possible fix (swapping SIMs) unpursuable [not your example, I know]. iBackupBot is the other possible solution: you can extract the voicemails from the backup and restore them onto the new iPhone individually.