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hi there


i've just bought the current i7 2.3ghz mac mini which already got 16gb ram off course

now i've bought the owc hdd kit to upgrade the system hd with a samsung 840 pro

but now, i'm not sure if it's the right way


my advisment was as followed:


the ssd for the system only

the second hd for recording (only midi data from plugs with few audio/samples)


there's a drobo pro attached, where all librarys are stored (apple loops, samples, plugin libs etc)


as the new mini has 1tb but only with 5400rpm, i want to change it too

- with a 7200rpm hd

- or another option is a new 500gb momentus_xt which lies around


it's some years ago since i produced something and it was on a mac pro, which i sold last year

so all stuff was stored on the drobo

i've checked some sites and forums, and my conclusion was, that the drobo is fast enough for streaming the samples, sounds etc neither over firewire or iscsi...

if not, i've got a problem ;-)

then i need the second internal hd for store all the main used librarys. i think then it's usefull to change the 5400 with an 7200.


so what you guys thing should i do, cause i only want to disassemble the mini one time ;-)


thx alot and kind regards

Mac mini (Late 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)