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Khromosrick Level 1 Level 1

My brand new macbook pro is making weird fan noises, like something stuck or loose. I had the same problem with my windows computer. I got my mac two weeks ago. I did not pay $1300 to have the same problems.

MacBook Pro, iOS 6.1.2, It's a brand new computer. 2 weeks
  • shldr2thewheel Level 7 Level 7

    so take it to an Apple store or AASP and have them look at it.  It has a 1 year warranty and 90 days of free AppleCare.

  • Khromosrick Level 1 Level 1

    Would they erase my hard drive to work on it? How long would it take?

  • Grant Bennet-Alder Level 9 Level 9

    You make an appointment in advance. They look at it and tell you what's up. If they have the parts, they can fix it on the spot. (but they will take it in the back where they have a static-free workstation). Fan replacements (if that is indeed the problem) are straightforward, but the parts are special Apple parts.


    There is no need to touch any data, but service always begs the question, "Do you have backups?" If not, what if your drive died tomorrow?


    If you have an external drive, Time Machine is good because it does the backup (when the drive is available) automatically at low priority in the background. It does not interfere with your work.