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Working on a MacBookPro OS10.6.8 with iSync 3.1.2 and Address Book 5.0.3.


After years of those two programs working seamlessly, there is now a problem. iSync does not recognize updates made in the Address Book, specifically it does not register new Groups or new Contacts.


I use iSync to synchronize the phone numbers in a certain group in Address Book with my cellphone. When I use iSync, it finds the cellphone and initiates the synchronizing process but new contacts with phone numbers that I have placed in the Address Book group do not get transferred to the cellphone. Also, if I make a new Group in the Address Book, it does not show up in the drop-down list of iSync.


I don't know if this is a problem with iSync or Address Book, but somehow  iSync is no longer able to properly associate with the directory of Address Book.


Any ideas on how to re-establish a proper connection between the programs?