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I have purchased Match, but when I look at the icloud status for my songs, they are in three categories: Matched, Uploaded, and Purchased (not including the error message ones that don't work). Some of the Uploaded and  Purchased status songs are available via my iphone- which is synced with match, but not all of them. How can I change the status of these to Matched so that I can utilize all of my library on my iphone? By the way, some of the songs that are either Uploaded or Purchased were purchased on itunes, thus should be available for matching.  Thanks for any help!

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.2
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    Music that you have bought from the iTunes Store will not show an iCloud Status of "matched" becuase, well, they are "purchased." The iCloud Status for those tracks is correct. Keep in mind that iTunes Store purchases do not count against the 25K tracks limit. You don't want those tracks to be "matched."


    As for "uploaded" tracks... those also have the correct status becuase they were not able to be "matched" to tracks on the iTunes Store. Keep in mind that just because a track is in your iTunes library and is also available on the iTunes Store doesn't mean it will match. Sometimes the sonic firngerprint of the song is just to different. There are many already existing threads on this topic, so a search will help you read up on it.


    If you enabled iTM on your iOS device before the initial scan, match and upload process was finished in iTunes then you may need to disable the service on the iOS device, launch the Music app and let the content clear out, then re-enable the service.

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    Thanks for your reply. I finally just got around to looking at this after a couple of months. As I've been reading other similar posts, I am still wondering how I can access my whole library from my iphone using match. Is this not possible because not all songs will match? I got this service initially b/c the memory in my phone couldn't hold the amount of songs I had on the phone. Thanks for your help!

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    Songs with a status of "matched," "uploaded" or "purchased" will all be available on your other devices.

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    Sorry for the continued questions, but this is my main problem. I only have access to a fraction of my library on my iphone. It seems that only the "matched" songs are available. Do I have the incorrect settings or am I looking in the wrong place? Thanks again, Michael!

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    As I suggested in my first reply if you enabled iTM on the iPhone before the initial scan process was completed you might be seeing this behavior. On the iPhone disable iTM, launch the Music app and let the content clear out. Power cycle the iPhone for good measure, then re-enable iTM and launch the Music app. This should clear up the problem.