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This may sound a bit crazy, but I'm curious to know if anyone knows this or has tried.


I've got an audio interface from Native Instruments that connects to the iPad 2 and assumes the role of an external sound card (much like other interfaces can do).  The only problem is, though the interface itself is DC powered, the USB cable that runs from the interface to the iPad (connecting via an Apple Camera Connection Kit) does not send a charge signal as well as the audio signal, so the battery drains after extended use.


Is there any way I can split the 30 pin port so that I can plug in the USB to my audio interface, as well as plug in my iPad charger??  I've checked out the Apple Store online and didn't see anything that I thought could help with this.


Any help with this tuffie would be great!  Thx!

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    I would say no. The closest thing you can do would be to use the headphone out to connect to your sound system, which would allow you to also charge your iPad.


    It's also possible that your audio interface is charging your iPad, just not faster than it's drained. For example, if I plug my iPad into my computer I will get a trickle charge from the USB, but only if I leave the screen off. Leave the screen on and I pull more power than it puts out and my device discharges instead of charges.

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    This is very unfortunate to hear


    I really wish it was possible to split the port somehow.  I've seen some splitters online like the one below, but I'm not 100% sure it would work the way I need it to.



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    No, not crazy. I have the same problem with the apogee jam and it is very frusterating. I can't understand why they don't have a solution to this. It can't be that difficult to do. I have an idea that may work though. I ordered two 30 pin extension cords off ebay( one for a spare). Male on one end and female on the other. Seems to me that you should be able to splice a usb charger cord  into the appropriate wires on the 30 pin extension cord. OR splice into the appropriate wires on the device cord,which in my case would be the apogee jam.  Sounds pretty simple but the pin layout is the key. I have spoken to apple and apogee about this and have not gotten any help which is understandable as they don't want to tell you something  wrong and you fry your gizmos. Plus I am sure they have a rule holding "tech support" to stay away from these types of mods. I have an ipod 2nd gen that I may experiment with. If I have any luck, I will let you know...either way.



    Read your post again after I posted and realized I left out a couple of details.


    I have an ipod 4g

    The apogee jam is NOT dc powered. It gets its power from the ipod, which as you can imagine, makes the battery drain issue that much worse.


    It really ***** that the thing you bought is powered from a cord but doesn't charge the ipad,pod,phone. What the **** were they thinking??!!

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    Did anyone figure anything out regarding this? I want to do the same thing, more of less. I have a ANT+ sensor that I use on long bike rides. I typically have to keep my phone plugged into the battery, but with the ANT+ sensor plugged in, I cannot charge the phone at the same time. I need some sort of splitter that powers the iPhone from the battery yet still works with the ANT+ sensor on 30-pin.

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    Check this out: http://www.cablejive.com/products/dockStubz.html


    Who wants to give it a go?

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    Looked into that. May work for your problem but not with the Jam. I contacted dockStubbs and they are aware of the problem and supposedly working on a fix. I have searched high and low for an answer and cannot find one. Here is a tech support request I sent Apogee today.....


    "Trying to figure out how to charge ipod while using the JAM. Love the interface but need to figure out a way to charge while playing. Split apogee cord open and tapped in a usb cord to the black and red wires. That powers up the jam but no charging power to ipod. There is an extra blue wire in cable, don't know what it is for. I have not attemted tapping into the green and white wires. I know the ipods, iphones,ect require the data wires be tied to +5v and -5v with some simple resistors in order to get 2.8v and 2v on data wires to initiate a charge but I am fearful that if I do that it will roast the JAM. I think the blue wire has something to do with providing some sort of power but not sure what. Also noticed that there is no blue wire in the USB to JAM cable. Any insight would be much appreciated!

    Thank you,   "


    Curious as to what kind of response I'll get.


    Here is some info links for the 30 pin connectors for any DIY'ers





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    Actually, it just occurred to me that If you were to install some diodes in addition to the resistors when you tied the +5 volts  to the data lines it would  block voltage from going to the JAM....I think.

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    Looks like a neat little dongle but won't work with apogee jam.


    Found out what the blue wire is for. Accessory indicator/serial enable. Pin 21


    Also found out the 30 pin extension cable doesn't have 30 wires, just four.


    Peavey has the new ampkit link HD, which supports charging while playing, guess I'll get one of those, just hate to spend another hundred.

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    Here is the reply from Apogee



    Response By: chrisg 8/2/2013 3:14:27 PM EST

    Charging your iPod Touch while the Jam is connected is not supported. We cannot give any technical support on modifying or altering the cables or hardware from factory specifications.


    We did find this product on amazon:

    CableJive dockStubz+

    This accessory is UNTESTED and therefore not officially supported.





    Tech Support Specialist

    Apogee Electronics Corp