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A month back, I purchased a MacBook Pro 13" and am a new Mac user.  I was delighted by the way the trackpad operations were so smooth.  After use for about a week or two, I installed Parallels Desktop to run windows applications. I found that the trackpad does not work to its fullest in Windows so I installed a Microsoft COmpact Optical Mouse 500 v 2.0.  THe next two days went off well.  But suddenly when i started my MBP one day, the cursor started dancing around, even when Parallels was not running.  I could not properly use the gestures or they were not working at all.  After an hour or so, the trackpad was back to normal but was so shortlived and again the cursor started become jumpy.  I had to revert to using the MS mouse.  This erratic behaviour has now become normal.  I have searched for help topics including by Apple regarding jumpy and erratic trackpad operation, but none helped.  I am from India, and the Apple support here seems to be absent as there is no call back facility nor any helpline. I am still under Technical support and Warranty but dont know whom to call.

Can anyone guide me as to how can i self solve and / or any way to contact Apple support in India.

Thanks all in advance.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), Just updating to OS X 10.8.3
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    Well if there is no Tech support in India then you would need to call Apple Outside of India. Maybe China.

    A search of the Apple support site should turn up numbers you can call although not local to you.

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    I've Parallels installed, running Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit, 100% of the time and have had no issues with either my built-in trackpad nor my Magic Trackpad, either under Mac OS X or Windows.


    Where did you install this driver? It may actually be causing you more problems than helping. If it's a kext file, I would try getting rid of it and seeing if things can get back to 'normal'...



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    I did not install the driver, but it was auto detected and plug and play.  Due to a jumpy trackpad, I downloaded and installed a mac driver for my MS mouse but to no avail.  What is kext file and how to get rid of it?

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    I'd say you have a hardware problem. The trackpad should not be affected by a mouse driver in the way you are seeing. It should not make the cursor dance around and the lose of Gestures.


    You need to take the system to Apple to be checked out and fixed.

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    When I disconnect the mouse, the trackpad is working properly for a few minutes and then again dancing around without the mouse reconnected.  This may suggest that the mouse driver is playing around with the trackpad, in some way or the other.  But dont know or cant say that that is the sole reason or not.

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    One more thing i observed is that when I am in my office, the trackpad works strangely.  This used to happen even on my earlier windows laptop. but when i am outside my office, the MBP trackpad seems to work just fine!!!  Anything to do with the Wi-Fi in my office.  I know this may sound crazy.. but thats whats happening.

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    I believe that the trackpad working when you are at home and not when you are in th office is merely a coincidence. The hardware/software for your trackpad and Wi-Fi are completely independant of eachother and could not affect eachother. Your best option is to ultilize your one year AppleCare Protection Plan. The support is 24/7. You can visit them on the web at www.apple.com/support in the US or 1-800-275-2273.


    If you wanted to do a little testing to figure out if this is hardware or software you can always make a system state backup with time machine. Once the you Mac is backed up with time machine you can restore the Mac to factory condition and see if the trackpad works properly. If this solves the issue you know the problem is software related, if not then you will definately want Apple to replace/repair your Macbook before the warranty expires. If they do exchange your machine you will grateful you have the time machine backup anyways! :-)


    Best of luck!

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    Turns out! Its the electric connection in my office.  When I unplug the magsafe, the trackpad works flawlessly and when i plug in, then a jumpy and erratic trackpad.  is it dangerous to my MBP to continue charging in my office? and most of the day i am in my office. and the electrical repair guys in India are most unreliable.

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    Thanks all for your help!

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    Buy a UPS to plug the charger into. That may give you cleaner AC power. Also if you have the cord it has a grounding lug on it, at least in the US it does, which may help also.