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I need to free up space on my pc so I have moved my music to an external hard drive.  I cannot see my playlists any longer.  How can I retain my playlists?  If they are gone for good I can recreate but the question still remains as to how I store them? Can I store them on my external drive or do they need to remain in my iTunes account on the PC?

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    Assuming that your library is currently at <User's Music>\iTunes, the media folder is at <User's Music>\iTunes\iTunes Media, and all the media is consolidated (inside the media folder) you can move the entire iTunes folder to the root of the external drive, then hold down shift as you start iTunes and keep holding until asked to choose or create a library. Click choose and browse to the folder on the external drive.


    If your library is in a different structure see Make a split library portable.



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    Thanks - I can now see my playlist - doesn't seem to be the most uptodate one but I am guessing that was when I last backed it up.  Thanks for your help.