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Time Warner recently installed an Arris mode,/router and now I cannot print wirelessly to my HP printer from my iphone, ipad or macbook pro.  I could do this when I used a Belkin modem with the Arris router.  Any suggestions?

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    Can you print to the printer from your Mac?

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    Check all the settings on the printer and set a Static IP on the printer in the range the router is using. Then Delete the printer fro your Mac, i hone and pad and reinstall it on all.


    It's not the router, but that is has been changed. The Mac, phone and pad are looking for the printer in the wrong place, IE wrong IP address.

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    Something you might check is the Bonjour service in the router.  If the router doesn't support Bonjour services, you will not be able to use it to print from any apple device via AirPrint.  You can still print from a Mac PC if the drivers are installed, but you will not be able to print from any iOS device.  You can use the app below to test the network to see if it will alow Bonjour services.  Let me know what you find.


    Bonjour Browser


    I am a printer tech for HP.

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    Thanks. My computer would print, but very very slowly.  I finallly got a Time Warner tech person who admitted that the Arris does not support Bonjour.  They installed a Motorola modem on top of the arris router and it works fine with great signal strength.