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Hi all,


As the title says, I have some screen issues with my iMac 27'' 2011-mid. It's the top level version (i7 3'4 Ghz, 8Gb ram, HD 6970M 1Gb, 1TB HDD) and so far i haven't had any kind of problem with it. From yesterday, suddenly the screen made something weird and it turned into vertical lines (sometimes blue, sometimes gray...). Even sometimes the screen got totally black or just gray, so i cannot do anything.


Today, after all the night long with the iMac turned off, the computer started and it seemed to run fine, but when i made some tests playing 1080p video and some videos from YouTube at a time, the problem appeared again. From there, the iMac doesn't start as expected. After the login screen, it begins to load but the screen turns into gray, and finally the desktop doesn't show up. I always have to press down the shutdown key for 10 seconds to get the computer restarted.


I have read about the screen issues before Firmware update 2.0 and they looks pretty familiar to me, but i guess my iMac has the lastest firmware update installed. I always install the updates.


So, what do you all recommend? I bought the iMac on Nov-2011 so according to the warranty laws in my country (Spain), I have 2 years warranty. The problem is i'm living in Denmark right now. Is there any way to send the iMac to Apple and get it back fixed?


Thanks in advanced!

iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)