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I was having trouble logging into FaceTime and connecting to wifi. So I wiped my iPad mini and reset to factory settings.


I was able to get my iPad mini working after wiping it and rebuilding it manually as a new device.



Now, I have a new problem - my apple id.



I can't use iTunes match.



I can't download books from iBooks.



The error I'm getting is as follows:



"This Device Is Already Associated With an Apple ID."



"You can download past purchases on this device with just one Apple ID every 90 days. This device can be used with another Apple ID in 34 days."



What is this? 



I paid for this content and the iTunes Match service and now I can't use it?  ***?



Does anyone know how to fix this?

iPad Mini, iOS 6.1.2
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    I think this is what is going on. You can only restore from an iCloud backup so many times before you are locked out of your ID for 90 days - if you used another Apple ID on the device previously in order to download past purchases without paying for them again.


    Look at this discussion.



    And this one



    Apparently some users have had success in contacting iTunes Store support when they run into this issue.

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    I wasn't restoring from iCloud.


    I wiped the device and it up as a new device. It prompted me for iCloud id on startup, which I provided. My iTunes id is different. After entering the iTunes id, it gave me this error.

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    Have you downloadd content on your iPad in the past using more than one Apple ID?

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    this means that in the last 90 days you download past purchase from ANOTHER apple id other then the one you are using now. With itunes that have put this 90 dya block to stop everyone from sharing apple id purchases. You will have to wait 34 days intell you have redownload past purchases from another apple id

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    I don't see how that is possible. I have only one apple id that is used to purchase content.

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    This looks like a known issue from years ago. It's a design flaw in IOS.


    When you setup a new device, it asks for your iclould login. This login is used and entered into the iTunes store by default. Then, if you change the iTunes logging to the correct one, it locks you out.


    This issue was caused by the following:


    1. iTunes came out years ago. It requires an email.


    2. MobileMe came out later and prevented everyone from usign the same email they used in iTunes. The default email was username@mobileme.com of course. This design flaw, by definition, created two apple id's for everyone. Perhaps this is why Steve Jobs fired the mobileme product manager?


    3. MobileMe becomes iCloud.


    4. Since everyone has two appleid's, and apparently there is no way to merge them, everyone who sets up a new IOS device and enters their iCloud id will be setting their iTunes id up incorrectly by default. Users that then realize this and change iTunes to the correct apple id will be locked out for 90 days.


    It seems to me this design flaw will affect every new iOS user who sets up a new device, has an iCloud account and a iTunes account.


    What a cluster f.


    More on this design flaw below.




    This is really a problem. I've paid for extra iCloud storage. I've paid for iTunes Match. I've purchased thousands of dollars worth of music, books, and movies. For the next 90 days, I can't download any of this stuff to my iPad mini.


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    Then you might want to contact iTunes Store support about the issue. Typically  a user will see this problem if they have used multiple Apple ID's in order to download previously purchased content form another ID.


    See if support can help you out. You can email them here.


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    I've had an escalated ticket for two days now.


    AppleCare Case ID 424082163

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    To everyone else who have this issue, chatting with Apple Support they will grant you a "one time exception". Apparently this feature is meant to prevent friends from logging into each others devices and downloading each others purchases, but as has been mentioned hits people who have separate iCloud and iTunes accounts (everyone who used iTunes and iTools/.Mac/MobileMe prior to iCloud?) when you set up your new device with an iCloud account and then switch your stores to your iTunes ID.


    It's extremely frustrating and would have been solved a long time ago had we been able to merge our accounts.

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    I've just experienced 3 rather painful days with iTunes support not listening to what I was telling them.


    I have a brand new iPad Air and a Brand new iPhone 5s - there is simply no way a different Apple ID was used on these devices.


    Because the only other ID on the device was the iCloud ID, I suggested that maybe there was a bug where the iCloud login got used as the iTunes login before I could enter my actual iTunes credentials - hence the device thinking a previous iTunes ID was previously used on the device.


    The rep suggested that if I needed further support on this issue, that I should have my legal advisor contact Apple's litigation department!


    Seriously, I was just trying to help figure out a potential bug as I know there was no other Apple ID on the device.


    While that suggestion from that rep was the worst, many of the replies I received were characterised by reps (I tried two) ignoring what I was telling them and replying with links to terms and conditions or references to the legality of the situation.


    Dealing with the iTunes support team is like dealing with a completely different company - what complete bummer!

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    This has everything to do with Apple's idiotic approach to IDs. I had an Apple "me" ID (what was I thinking), and then Apple killed me.com. Fortunately, I had already started using an ID less susceptible to Apple bait and switch tactics. BUT Apple has still never provided any means of migrating me.com accounts over to new IDs.


    When I contacted Apple support regarding this, they emphasized, repeatedly, that there is no way to synchronize or unify the separate accounts.


    Couple that with the fact that (1) books purchased via Apple are always more expensive than Amazon or others, and (2) that Apple's book features have gone nowhere (no improvements at all in the past 2 years), and there is really no reason whatsoever to buy books via Apple. Nor is there any reason to buy music or movies, both of which (again) are now more expensive than competitors.


    Figure it out, Apple.

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    Not sure what you are on about. All older IDs are both still valid and migrated to the newer system. I've been around since it was called iTools and my ID @mac.com, @me.com AND @icloud.com are all still valid.