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I have a 900 album itunes collection, which is used to play out over a Sonos set-up made up of appox 20% purchased from iTunes and 80% encoded into ALAC format (Apple Lossless).  When I turned on iTunes Match I have a huge number of Albums that are appearing twice in my iTunes library.  There seems to be no discernable differemnce in the Meta-Data on the albums but the "iTunes Match" version is showing at the lower bitrate along side the Lossless version.  How do have only one album showing.  I have to say the published information around this is not great!


Many Thanks in advance.

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion
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    Delete the duplicates....

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    How did you get the duplicates? Match does not create duplicates from your library. Your library is scanned and at the end of the process, your tracks will show an iCloud status of Matched, uploaded, purchased or ineligible.


    What is the iCloud status for duplicate tracks. Do any of the tracks have download icon in the cloud column? Do they appear as duplicates on your iOS device?


    Where is your library - on computer or external drive?