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I just did a speedtest on my MAC because I am having internet issues. It came back that I needed Mac Keeper, has anyone used this before?



iMac (21.5-inch Mid 2011), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)
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    Do not use under any circumstances.  See ...


    Do not install MacKeeper: Apple Support Communitie


    Thomas' Corner : Mac Malware Guide   and ...

                Mac OS X Snow Leopard and malware detection


    This is an absolute no, no.

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    Just to be sure you know that seventyone is not the only voice ...



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    You probably don't need it. What you saw is ads to trick you into buying optimization software.

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    mackeeper has a bad reputation on these forums for various reasons.....


    ranging from marketing tricks to the product itself on a mac

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    No Mac user uses this. And no Mac user want this software on their Macs.

    It's considered "crapware"!

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    Do not under any condition install MacKeeper...it is malware that will cause all kinds of grief for you.  And then you will find it is extremely difficult to remove.

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    Only install MacKeeper if you wish to cause problems on your Mac. Otherwise avoid the crapware at all costs.


    It is good for only one thing and that is lining Zeobit's pockets with gold.



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    Hello steve359.   I certainly wasn't the only voice.   Thanks for joining in. 

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    aliciafromshelton wrote:


    ... has anyone used this before?


    Not to detract from anyone else's answers, but yes I have used the past two free versions. Both found "viruses" on a Mac that was brand new from Apple, with nothing else installed other than a new User account and what came from the factory.


    It also offered to "clean up" nearly half a gigabyte of "junk":



    Fast Cleanup.png



    Half a gigabyte of "junk", ok. What was that "junk"?



    Unnecessary files.png


    I then installed Firefox, iPhoto, Pages, and Xcode, after which MacKeeper found even more "junk" - a total of 705 MB and 90 MB of it in Xcode alone. Needless to say I passed on "cleaning up" what Apple considered essential but MacKeeper considered "junk".


    After using MacKeeper on an iMac that was only a few hours old, it was already behaving like a sick dog as MacKeeper searched for viruses that do not exist. Apps bounced for a long time in the Dock and the colorful "wait cursor" appeared frequently. It became generally slow and occasionally unresponsive, and this was before removing "junk" from System Preferences and iTunes.


    After removing MacKeeper the iMac's performance returned to normal.


    I trust this answers your question.


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    YES I used it.  I started using it a few years ago when I had the same slow download speeds

    Just in case those really persistent ads and especially the one that masquerades as if it were a part of  speedtest.net, compel you yet again to think that all of us are wrong, here is my story. Oh and read the link below to another thread on Apple Support issue with MacKeeper.


    I used speedtest.net all the time because I had slow connection speeds even though I had DSL.  One day out of dispair, I downloaded what I thought was something legitimate (They swear on their mother's grave).  It seemed to be running properly at first and then I noticed my machine was running exceptionally slow with opening files, applications and everything.  I quickly opened my activity monitor and looked at what applications and processes were using the most memory.  The was this item there that made no sense and it was titled, "MDS Process" and it was hogging up most of my memory.  I researched and someone suggested getting rid of MacKeeper.  But that's when I realized that MacKeeper was notoriously hard to delete.  So while I couldn't find any trace of it, MacKeeper was hiding somewhere on my hard drive.  So in reading some more about it, someone suggested copying off all of my files, wiping my drive and reinstalling everything and I almost did that until I came across AppZapper!  which gives you 5 free Zaps. They don't just erase, but they reveal every file that is associated with the software and it erases all of them.  Then and only then was I free of MacKeeper/Zeobit and then the MDS process went back to normal. (That was not a promo, just the truth)


    If you read their Wiki or see any reviews in reputable magazines its easy to get sucked in but check this link to another problem with them: https://discussions.apple.com/message/21041516#21041516



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    Another thread here where a couple of users installed it and immediately regretted it:



    Save yourself the grief - avoid like the proverbial plague.