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I have just recieved my new iMac with retina display. It is an i7 with a 27" display. I have it sitting side by side with my late 2009 iMac also with a 27" display. My new iMac is not as bright as my older one. I have brightness set to max on both units and have no other ambient light that would throw one of the monitors off.


Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any suggestions?

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    iMac's don't have Retina displays.


    If you are not satified with the system Apple has a 14 day No Questions Asked return Policy for Full Refund. Take it back and get another and test that one. If you don't like that one do it again. If you can't find one you like after a few tries buy something else.

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    Thanks. Screwed up on the retina display. Had just ordered a PowerBook for work got mixed up.