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  • Csound1 Level 8 (46,965 points)

    adarkenigma wrote:


    I want to do this on my early 2009 MBP 5,2. I was able to install windows 8 32 bit with superdrive. but windows 8 iso is about 5 gigs. It wont fit on DVD. How do you get you computer to recogize Windows 8 64bit USB install? or do i need to get dual layer DVD?

    The Win 8 iso is 3.7GB, it fits on a DVD.

  • adarkenigma Level 1 (0 points)

    I have orginal ISO that i got from MSDN but I wanted to get updated one. I will try with orginal and see how much updates stack up to.

  • R_Lex Level 1 (0 points)

    I just finished installing Windows 8.1 Enterprise (RTM builds already available for gold partners, so i got one from my friend - basically RTM is release)

    I "upgraded" 7 ultimate to 8.1 enterprise (hard to say it was upgrade, it only moved my files to windows.old folder) so basically it was clean install.

    I got keyboard/trackpad (option tap hasn't worked, so be sure to have mouse with you).

    After that, i downloaded 5.x bootcamp and installed it with msiexec /i BootCamp.exe

    Everything started working after that except couple of nForce devices (that "coprocessor" and "SM Bus").

    I can't stand unknown devices in panel (lol), so i:

    1) Downloaded 4.0.x (please note - NOT 4.1.x) bootcamp

    2) Unpacked it. In fact, you only need Drivers\NVidia\NVidiaChipset64 folder. Only that. Or NVidiaChipset32 in case you have 32-bit system

    3) Go to device manager, right-click on that devices marked by question symbol, click "update driver software" select browse local PC, and then point it to that "NVidiaChipset64" (or 32) folder. Mark "Search subfolders" as well.

    4) Perform same for second unknown device.

    Congrats, now you have fully supported system with all drivers.

    Ah, and don't forget download and install recent nvidia geforce drivers. Our 320M is still supported by "nvidia mobile gtx" driver

  • R_Lex Level 1 (0 points)

    Forgot to say, i was intalling it on mid-2010 13' macbook pro (2.66 ghz cpu with 8G ram)

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    There is a much easier way of installing Windows 8. Just open Finder>Applications>Utilities> right click on Bootcamp> Show package contents> Contents> Info.plist

    Right click and Get info on Info.plist and click the lock at the bottom of the info page and enter your password.

    then click the plus to the left of the unlocked lock and add yourself. give yourself read & write permissions.

    then open Info.plist

    Scroll to the bottom and find the <key>Win7OnlyModels</key>

    Then delete the whole line <string>MacbookPro5,5</string>

    You might be promted to make a duplicate, just click OK and save it to the desktop. then close it.

    Open Boot Camp and it should say "Install Windows 7 or a later version"

    Vuela! much easier and legit



    Also as a side note if you ever wanted to change the PreUSBSupportModels you can add your model and then you can make a bootable USB drive from an .iso file on your Mac.

  • jonnyblackfoot Level 1 (0 points)

    This worked perfectly. Does this work with other restrictions such as HDMI sound output and airplay restrictions?

  • aplet Level 1 (0 points)

    The macbook pro mid 09 will never be able to have HDMI sound out. The hardware is not there. As for airplay I have no idea. I don't use it ever.

  • BF79 Level 1 (0 points)

    I had originally installed Windows 7 with Boot Camp 4 and then upgraded to Winodws 8.  Evrything ran fine at that point and never knew there was Boot Camp 5 available. When 8.1 came out, I kept getting BSOD and realized it was my Boot Camp that was doing it.  I followed the steps to install Boot Camp 5, but when I click msi file (after running that reg file) it starts the installation, but then error pops up that says: "Boot Camp requires that you computer is running Windows 7".  Any suggestions on how to get around this?

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    This not work for me... or I´m doing something wrong.

    I do it step by step and the options in bootcamp are still win7...

    After we delete that line and save the new info.plist file to the desktop, what do we have to do with it?

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    Did this perfectly on my Macbook Pro (Early 2008) macbookpro4,1 with Windows 8 Pro. I omitted BootCamp v4 altogether and have no issues with everything running ok, no issues with CPU drivers either.

    I've since updated to Windows 8.1. The only issue I had was that I had to burn DVD's for both Windows 7 and 8 as the USB sticks were not recognised. I assume this to be because this is not supported on my older model.

    Thank you so much for your instructions.

  • EGrospe17 Level 1 (0 points)

    this guy is a genius. My Mid-2009 13-inch Macbook Pro is now running Mac OS X Mavericks and Windows 8.1!

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    This sounds great but did not work for me. After giving myelf permission to info.plist, I opened the file and made the changes. (Removed 5.5 from win7only and added 5.5 to usb support). It asked me to make a duplicate on the desktop with the changes and left the original one the same.


    This of course did nothing to bootcamp assistant, and wouldn't let me install windows 8 just the same. I copied the NEW version on the desktop over the original inside of the package contents, but this only made Boot Camp crash and not work at all.


    I am not sure what exactly it is you did, as your instructions only said to make the duplicate. If you found some way of modifying the original and not corrupt the app, I'd really appreciate it if you could upload the modified app onto googledocs or something and send me the link.



  • M4rbin Level 1 (0 points)

    For those that had the same issue as myself...


    Edit: to explain the issue after many pages of thread.

    Following initial suggestion I was able to install everything on my iMac late 2009 and Windows 8.1

    I was just missing screen brightness control.


    I actually solved all my issues by following the article in this blog:



    Basically there is to add a key in the registry to enable brightness on the nvidia card.


    So at last I have everything working on 8.1, and I'm not forced anymore to 100% brightness!


    Thanks everyone for all the suggestions!

  • projectRelentless Level 1 (10 points)

    Thanks again to everyone, glad to see everyone working with each other - and making leaps!  Seasons greetings!

  • dinepada Level 1 (0 points)

    could anyone make a similar guide for the macbook pro 13" mid 2010? because we have a problem… after certain time the macbook pro crashes, this happens 100% of the times without explanation

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