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  • FearlessSpeech Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks! I will keep this flagged. Though if I cannot get a stable version of windows 64 bit running, ther eis no point in upgrading my RAM.


    I'm kind of new to all this. Is it possible to run some sort of scan in Windows to look for basic faults in the OS? Given the nature of the freeze where it is unbound to any one program and locks out task manager I feel like it is explorer or w/e its called in 8 having an issue or some other such background process.

  • David Leeds Level 1 Level 1

    Works with mid 2010 13 inch MacBook Pro, works flawlessly.  Thank you.



    For Windows 8 Gesture support try:





    Thanks again!

  • projectRelentless Level 1 Level 1

    Hello all, again apologies for me not being as active as I was.  My personal life has cut some deep wounds into my life, and unfortunately I've been busy with adjusting to it.


    So installs are not the issue with everyone, you are all getting frequent freezes, and on my life, i dont believe ive ever had one at all.  and as stated, i mainly use w8 for the office suite, vs2012, and android dev.  as for web browsing, im using google chrome.  rnwjr seemed to get the issue when surfing the net...  what are you all using when this happens? 


    I'm booting to w8 now, and posting a pic of drivers and their versions... Instill believe its an Nvidia issue...

  • projectRelentless Level 1 Level 1

    Also, the way I installed windows is via an .iso and its W8 Pro...64bit.  Just throwing that out there

  • rnwjr Level 1 Level 1

    Good thinking.  I was using IE 10 on the freezing and Office 365 was installing the necessary files.  Maybe that combination caused the issues. 

  • projectRelentless Level 1 Level 1



    Does everyone have this Nvidia Control Panel shown on the bottom here?  If so check that we all match with the next shots i post

  • projectRelentless Level 1 Level 1

    the reason i post all of this, is that i really think this is a Nvidia issue witht he freezing.  Windows has been trying to get me to update mine, and im not doing it because of the issues everyone else is having.  Lets get a consesus of these settings/drivers and go from there..

  • Dregkon Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks a lot! wouldn't have been able to it without your guide.


    I'm also being prompted to update my drivers, not going to as I do not currently have any issues.

  • Tornado23 Level 1 Level 1



    First of all I want to start by thanking you guys for sharing all of thins info, specially the post creater projectRelentless. It helped me a looooot.


    Second, I have something to share too. For those of you that don't want to mess with the registry, you can run the bootcamp.msi as an administrator from the command line very simply IMO.


    You just need to:

    1. Go to the Folder where the "bootcamp" installer file is located and click the location bar (that thing that is located on top of the window left to the search field) to see the full address (something like C:\aaaa\aaa\BootCamp\Drivers\Apple). Don't forget it, we'll need it later;
    2. Press the WINDOWS key to activate search and then saerch for "cmd";
    3. Here comes the trick, choose the command line icon and press CTRL-SHIFT-ENTER OR right-click it and in the bottom of the screen select "Run as an Administrator";
    4. Windows wil ask if you really want this, you should say Yes;
    5. Then you should enter the command "cd C:\aaaa\aaa\BootCamp\Drivers\Apple" where the location should be exactly equal to the one you got int the first step;
    6. Then just type BootCamp.msi and go through the installer;
    7. Done;


    I found this way was faster for me and more pratical since it didn't required messing around in the registry editor.


    I hope it helps some of you.

  • arabionator Level 1 Level 1

    hi, i have a quistion. i already have win 7 installed with bootcamp and im woundring if i could buy a copy of win 8 and do an upgrade within win 7? do you think that will work?

  • jeffreyVrancken Level 1 Level 1

    Instead of doing the first 14 steps, you can also just delete the entry of "Win7OnlyModels" in info.plist in the packet content of BootCamp.

    Then you can just create a usb and/or install windows 8 like it is Windows 7 or older You won't get a error that your mac doesn't support windows 8.


    I was just testing this because I could not get the usb support (on a MB pro) to work and with this I can. And I am replying now from windows 8 ..

  • keladriano Level 1 Level 1

    everything works great but there's one major problem.. like what rnwjr feel it always hangs when i try to download.

    i tried disabling microsoft kernel debug network adapter in device manger and it did the trick i think.. (because sometimes it hangs but not likely before disabled) and i tried the hyper v and tried the bcdedit /set disabledynamictick yes. just one thing it still freezes from time to time but bearable. let me know guys what you think help relentless thank you



    btw everything works great from the touchpad function keys everything except for the freeze ;/ hope there will be a fix for this

  • keladriano Level 1 Level 1

    update i installed some windows update and no more freeze i hope...

  • keladriano Level 1 Level 1

    update.. the freeze is gone even if i try to download a very big file. yeheeeey!

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