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When I export an iPhoto Event or even a whole Library using File -> Export, video files don't get exported correctly.


- Add some video files into iPhoto if you don't already have some in there

- Select the Event that contains the video files and choose Export from the File menu

- Select Current from the top most drop-down menu as the Kind

- Click on Export and select a location


Once the export has finished, use Finder to go into the folder where you exported the files to and examine the video files. The file sizes are ridiculously small. Between 5 to 50 KB. Now repeat this, but instead of choosing Current, choose Original as the Kind. You will see that the video files have exported correctly. The file sizes are normal.


A lot of the times I edit photos and this is what I want exported. Not the Original, unedited photo. But if there is video also in the Event I want to export, I need to do the video separate from the photos. Would be nice if someone can confirm that this is a bug so Apple can fix it. I've also sent this to the Apple feedback team.

Mac Pro (Mid 2010), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 12GB 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM
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    This User Tip






    has details of the options in the Export dialogue.


    In the case of Videos you need to export the Original


    Exporting the Current version is losing you quality and a lot of metadata.


    So, no bug there.

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    No, that is ridiculous. The file that gets exported is sometimes 5 KB. That ain't a loss of quality. That's some sort of file like an alias that uses the original as a source to play from. And if there's no original, the file is completely useless. It's ridiculous and needs to be looked at by Apple. And by the way, Current exports the same quality as Original, but includes the edits that's been made to that photo. The same should apply to video files. If there has been a trim, that's what should be included in the Current Kind. Quality should remain in its fullest form.

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    Try take a deep breath. Count to ten.


    My reference to exporting at the Current setting refers to your photographs. You're exporting the photos are a low quality and losing most of the metadata. No, Current does not export at the same quality as Original.


    Exporting video at th Current setting gets the thumbnail used to display the video in the iPhoto Window.


    I stll don't understand why you would expect two entirely different data types to export at the same settings.


    But in any case, it's pointless here. Tell Apple.


    iPhoto menu -> Provide iPhoto Feedback

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    When I export the same, unedited photo as Original and Current, I get the exact same quality and file size in both the exported files. And why am I not able to select the quality of the export when I select Current? Because it's a copy from the database. It doesn't process the file at all.


    As for iPhoto exporting the thumbnail of the video instead of the actual video - Great job with that one Apple. Why would I want the video to export when I can have a small, measley thumbnail that will go great with my collection of stamps. It's pretty pathetic. They've been in the business for how long now and they can't get a simple action like this right. And I did email Apple about it before even coming on here.


    But all frustration aside, thanks for your help.