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Hi guys,

i'm new with this device and i would like to know how to get remote access to my time capsule data. I've tried with afp and the IP address but it just work when connected on the local network and not in remote...

Thanks for your help

Time capsule, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    What IP address are you using? You need to use the public IP as allocated by your ISP, not internal IP. Do you have a static public IP? If not they how are you going to know the public IP of the TC as it doesn't have dyndns client? Is the TC setup as primary router or in bridge? This matters as to how you will connect. Via the WAN port did you turn on the allow wan access? If it is bridged did you forward port 548 to the TC?


    It is generally easier to use BTMM and iCloud. Is there a reason you are avoiding that route?

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    Hi! Thanx for your answer...basically you're talking to a dummies...:)

    I'm using the IP address that i found on the setup afp://192.etc etc...

    The time capsule is the primary router, connected to a DSL modem, i've acctivated all i could to enable the file sharing but still doesn't work.

    I've no idea about what's a 548 port...

    I've watched some videos on youtube and it looks so easy to manage it, but Airport 6 is not the same as the airport they are using...

    can you help me?

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    You cannot access the TC remotely on the LAN address.. that is private IP unroutable on the internet.


    you must use your public IP address .. ie the WAN IP. This is not much use though if you have dynamic IP as most non-business internet accounts ISP provide. Your IP probably changes on a daily basis if you have dynamic IP.


    Since TC does not provide dynamic DNS access you should do it via BTMM and iCloud method. Not direct access.


    Apple have info on how to setup bttm with icloud.. the actual setup on the TC is trivial.