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Security update 2013 has corrupted my wireless trackpad and keyboard.  The wireless trackpad will select and highlight text on its own, will secondary click on its own, will highlight and drag text on its own, etc. It is basically possessed!


Security update 2013 has also seriously corrupted my wireless keyboard.  The wireless keyboard will randomly jump back in the sentence or to earlier paragraph or worse just select and delete all that I have written as I am typing! It is very frustrating and is rendering my workstation useless!


Please help me. Is there someway to update/reset bluetooth? Why is this happening after I updated?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Security Update 2013
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    Restore your previously good bootable backup/clone or Time Machine backup.

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    Similar keyboard conniptions on my MBP after the recent Snow Leopard update. Obviously, it being a MBP, this wasn't a wireless issue, but directly after installing the update, the keyboard refused to type a word. I could place the cursor with the mouse but the keyboard was totally non-reactive.


    Re-booted it. Didn' t work. Ran Disk Utitlity, verified the disk, verified and repaired disk permissions and then did another restart. After 10-15 secs of further inactivity, the keyboard started working again.


    There seems to be a problem relating to keyboards on the most recent Snow Leopard update. Disk Utility and a couple of restarts seems to have ironed out the wrinkle.