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This is probably a long shot, but...we upgraded our computers to new Macs and they're running 10.7. We also have panasonic cameras that record to FS-100 drives. Our issue is that the new macs simply will not see the drives. We are on our third generation of macs, starting with G5, then to the Mac Pro 2.1 and now these. Our FS-100's have worked great until now.

I've seen others talking about 10.7 and their FS-100's so I know it can be done, or maybe it's not the software it's the machine, but these drives aren't exactly common so there's not much info out there.


Our older macs would just see these drives as external harddrives. We'd put the FS-100 into 'direct drive' mode, basically making it a slave to the computer, the mac would then see the drives, and we could access the files on them via the finder, drag them onto the macs and eject the FS-100's. The new mac doesn't see them at all.


Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.