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We have a Lion server (10.7.3) running on an older Mac Mini (Mid 2007).  We have been having slow downs recently and I started to do some poking around at it...


Does anyone have any idea why I might have many many copies of a SMTP process,  associated with the _Postfix user, started by LaunchD?  It kind of goes through cycles:  low end is about 15 processes, high end is about 125 (no easy way to count that I can find, not in Activity Monitor at least...ok, just figured out a terminal command:  "ps -ef | grep -c smtp".


Other oddities:

    400+ GB of VM space (cycles with the SMTP processes it seems; ranges between 350GB and 500GB)

     Free memory:  9MB - 150MB  (cycles); system has 4GB of physical memory, 3GB addressable (limitation of the hardware)

     A number of Python instances, for _calendar

     Perl5.12 process:  there were 38 running before I restarted the machine, now there is only 1.

     HTTPD processes:  4 currently


We don't really have too much running on this server (that I am aware of ).   FileMaker Server runs (its primary purpose, severely restricted by this slowness), Dropbox, various built in things (iCal, web, mail all turned on, but not used - to my knowledge).




MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)