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djcartel Level 1 (35 points)

Having read Apple's help pages extensively for an answer - their advice is to contact my email provider for support.


Since Apple are my email providers - I need to contact them to get my email working again.


However, there is no Apple Support offered.


Has anyone out there got a clue what to do in such instances ?


I really need access to my email urgently

  • sanjampet Level 5 (7,760 points)

    Have you tried Applecare 800-275-7753?

  • djcartel Level 1 (35 points)

    I think that is an american number - i am in england though - however, since my iMac is over a year old, i am not able to call apple for help unless I want to pay £150 for the fun of it


    The problem is Apple Servers - not my machine


    thanks for trying to help though

  • Jeff Kelleher Level 4 (3,015 points)

    Can you describe what is happening (or not) in detail? Not trying to give you a bad time, but you've only stated that your email is not working.

  • djcartel Level 1 (35 points)

    I can be very specific yes - I have had an account with Appple for years - going all the way back to .mac mobileMe etc


    I have used the same password for years - but about a week ago - Apple servers rejected my password and I can not resolve the issue myself, since the problem is obviously server side.


    Apple's own on-line help states I should contact my email provider. I tried the on-line method to contact support but Apple's site asks for my Serial Number and then obviously rejects me because my machine is too old. I am not prepared to pay Apple £150 which is what they asked for when I tried to call them. That's beyond a joke and off into the realms of extortion : )


    As stated, there's nothing wrong with my iMac - It's all been running smooth for years now.


    Since my iMac is Snow Leopard - I can not use iCloud and of course, all the MobileMe stuff has gone and I can not access iCloud on-line, in the same manner I used to be able to MobileMe or .Mac.


    Because my .me addresses are my major use and have been for years, I am well and truly in trouble because there's tons of emails I am not able to access.


    I really do not care about sending emails as such right now as I have alternate means to do that - but I am seemingly helpless to access my incoming email.

  • Klaus1 Level 8 (47,600 points)

    You had six months notice or more to access those emails and save them. Apparently you chose not to.

  • djcartel Level 1 (35 points)

    Can you prove that Klaus1 ?


    Or did you just decide you were in the mood to really p**s someone else off today ?

  • djcartel Level 1 (35 points)

    This was the notice I got and I quote from a saved email from Apple . . . .


    If you prefer, you can continue to use your current email address just as you always have. No matter which address you use, you'll continue to receive all your mail, whether it's sent to your,, or address.

  • Baby Boomer (USofA) Level 9 (57,115 points)

    but I am seemingly helpless to access my incoming email.


    You should be able to access your emails from this website:













  • djcartel Level 1 (35 points)

    Thanks very much for the tip Baby Boomer - I shall take the time to read through the detail at that site and see if it helps.

  • Klaus1 Level 8 (47,600 points)

    djcartel wrote:


    Can you prove that Klaus1 ?


    Or did you just decide you were in the mood to really p**s someone else off today ?

    June 2011:


    iWeb publishing, MobileMe Gallery, and iDisk will all disappear as the company sunsets its current online service in favor of iCloud.

    Other MobileMe services—including syncing of Mac Dashboard widgets, keychains, Dock items, and System Preferences—will not be part of iCloud, Apple says. Those syncing services will stop working as soon you migrate from MobileMe to iCloud. In addition, Apple says that while MobileMe members can no longer upgrade to a Family Pack or buy additional MobileMe storage, Family Pack members will be able to transition their accounts to iCloud individually, as long as it’s done before June 30, 2012.

    August 2012:

    As of today, visitors to are no longer given the option to convert their accounts to iCloud or to retrieve old photos and files, with Apple now simply pointing users to iCloud.



    And this discussion from February 2012:


  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 (74,025 points)

    You have probably been continuing to use the old MobileMe server settings which have apparently continued to work for some people until recently. You can set Snow Leopard's Mail up to access your iCloud email - since you say it was working until recently I assume you did in fact migrate your MobileMe account to iCloud in time. You should first delete your MobileMe/iCloud account from Mail Preferences>Accounts and then follow the instructions in this illustrated page:


    Entering iCloud email settings manually in Snow Leopard or Leopard

  • djcartel Level 1 (35 points)

    Klaus - i'm not sure if I should deem you hilarious or just a nasty antogonist - either way - I really do not care what mac rumours, wikipedia or macworld state about anything - nor do I care what you state - so please - if you want to annoy someone - choose someone else and get off my back


    in the meantime, perhaps today you can do the following - please download and save all the emails that people are going to send you in April 2013 and when you have done so - let us all know how you did it : )

  • Klaus1 Level 8 (47,600 points)

    That's absolutely fine, I won't bother trying to help you any further!

  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 (74,025 points)

    Let's try to sort this out: you had a MobileMe account, obviously. Did you follow the process to migrate it to iCloud before 1 August last?


    Since then and until recently, have you been able to access your email either on the iCloud website or in Mail? If you were, then it would indicate that you did migrate. If not, and if you did not migrate, then your stored emails are not recoverable - but hopefully you did migrate.


    Can you get into ? If you get a password error you should change your password. Go to and click 'Manage your account' - can you log in there? If so, change your password to one containing at least 8 characters, one of which must be upper-case and one a numberal. You will then obviously need to change the password in any method you use to access iCloud mail.


    If you can't get into the Apple ID site, click 'Reset password' and follow the instructions. A new password will be sent to your associated email address. If you did not provide such an address you will need to contact Support. Go to ; select 'All Products and Services' in the first column, 'More Products and Services' in the second column, then 'Apple ID' in the third column. In the next page select 'Other Apple ID Topics' in the first column then 'Lost or forgotten Apple ID password' and click 'Continue'. You will be offered options to contact Apple by phone.


    You should also follow the instructions in the page I linked to above to set Mail up on your Mac as you may still be using the wrong server addresses:


    Entering iCloud email settings manually in Snow Leopard or Leopard

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