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Today I was getting "Sever connection interrupted" error message  5-10 times per minute for a little over an hour. I could hear the hard drive clicking away so it's definitely busy doing something.


I looked in Server Admin and pulled up "Graphs" under "AFP".


The 7 day graph shows typical throughput of around zero (peaks at 40MB/s) for most of the 7 days, until the last 70 minutes, where it skyrockets to 450MB/s.


Nobody in the office thinks they're doing anything unusual and the list of clients doesn't show anything unusual.


How is it even possible to do 450MB/s??? Even the server's 1000Mb ethernet can only go up to 125MB, right?


Is there any way to find out which user connection is responsible for this or what is being written? I tried clicking the "Logs" button but it says its missing.


I also looked in Activity Monitor. "DirectoryService" is the only service that is using a substantial amount of CPU - 60-80%, and currently the disk activity is showing around 1.2MB/s write, and 4-6KB/s read. Network activity is not showing any substantial volume - occasional peaks of 1.5MB/s for data received.

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    A packet analyzer such as Wireshark on your network could be useful. A bit of a learning curve though. Is there anything happening in console under 'all messages'? How many clients typically connect to this server?

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    The activity ended as suddenly as it started after about 5 hours.


    There's nothing out of the ordinary in the Console.


    There are typically 5 clients.


    Any idea how I would fix the error "The selected log file does not exist" for the "Access Log" in Server Admin/AFP

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    Did it stop after some or all of your users logged out for the day?


    No ideas on the log issue. I have not encountered that. Is there a folder in Library/Logs for Appe File Service?

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    The only file in Library>Logs>AppleFileService is AppleFileServiceError.log


    The unusual activity stopped while everyone was still working.


    I'll keep an eye on the situation and give Wireshark a try next time I see this.