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How link cell with pop up three column with ten rows in each. It is possible

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    Can you please restate your question?  Are you saying you want to put links in a pop-up menu?  IF so you should know that the links (in the pop-up) will not operate as links.  Numbers can provide links to emails or websites.... you can get to local FILES IF you have your websharing enabled

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    Dear Wayne,

    Situation it seems that: there are two tables N1 and N2 in the different sheets. In the Table N1 is created ten rows (exp A1:A10) and three columns (A:C) with text (exp fruit names). I want this data see in the selected cells (exp D3) in table N2 with pop up. Is it possible?


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    This is not possible in Numbers directly.  If you write some Apple Scripts it may be possible.  There may be some posts regarding similar questions you may want to search on.  Out of the box Numbers does not support dynamic pop-ups.

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    In excel use combo box in developer. And this situation solve very easy. Maybe can this do with formula.

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    Ok, other question

    How in pop up write new items who have sentence with about 10 words. Exp:

    Apple, book, bus, train and more and write this withi rows in one item

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    In my experience, the only ways to enter a value into a popup menu are to type the item in or to paste it in.


    Entering a 10 word sentence into a single item should be possible. I was able to type a 105 character string into item 2 of the pop-ups shown below.

    Picture 10.png

    Note: the numerical items (which used internal spaces or periods to prevent Numbers from interpreting them as numbers) were typed in as they appear, For the long string in A3 (menu item 2), I typed in 30 characters, then placed the insertion point before the first x in the second group, and typed in more, repeating this each time the insertion point got close to the left edge of the Inspector entry box, and before it jumped to the next row. This may not have been necessary, bu I'll leave that investigation to you.


    The entry box, and display of the item in the popup menu are both restricted to a single row, and the menu itself appears to have a width restriction, so you may be unable to see the entire sentence in the menu itself.

    Picture 11.png


    Perhaps if you dropped the fixation on using a pop-up menu and concentrated on the end result you are looking for we might be able to offer a more useful solution.This one seems a bit awkward at best.




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    Popup menus of OTHER problems that come up so I generally avoid them.  Can you provide context for WHAT you are trying to do?  With that information we may be able to suggest ideas that will work in Numbers.  Like Barry said pop-ups end up being awkward.


    Also Number is NOT MS Excel and while it has some features of excell it does not contain all.

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    Very thank for this answer.


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    Thank you