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I was updating my iphone 4 on computer on itunes.  After 45 mins or so, I got message that software was updated.  But my iphone needed to be restored as it is in recovery mode.  it staes that all data will be deleted!!  Will I be able to recover data, apps, photos, etc?  My phone will not even allow me to use it....it just has picture of itunes with connector on screen.  HELP!

iPhone 4
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    Yes, you can restore from your backup.


    If you don't have one then all your data will be gone.


    You can sync back your apps/music/contacts via itunes.

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    If your phone is in recovery mode, you've already lost ALL of the data on the phone. Your only choice now is to restore it from your most recent backup. You follow this by syncing your content back to your phone. Any data, on your phone, not backed up or in supported applications on your computer, is gone. iTunes content you can re-download for free.