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Both my MacBook Pro and MacPro are running )S 10.7.4. The version of Safari on my Mac Pro is more recent (6.0) than the one that was on my MacBook Pro. So I thought to update Safari on the MacBook Pro and I downloaded and installed Safari 6.0.3 It turns out, of course, that I can't use this version of Safari with OS 10.7.4 but there was no warning to this effect when I started the installation. I had a retained a downloaded version of Safari 5.1`.7 for Lion and tried to install it, but when I did an error message appeared stating that I could not install it since I had a newer version of Safari already installed. So this appears to be a Catch 22 sityuation in which I have installed an unusable version of Safari installed on my computer and it won't let me install a usable version. The fact is that I'm not going to install OS 10.8.x anytime soon, because some software that I use in my work is currently incompatible with the newer OS. What I have done for the moment is make Chrome my default browser. But I would be most appreciative if someone could tell me how to uninstall Safari 6.0.3 and renistal Safari 5.1.7 for Lion on my MacBook Pro. Thanks!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 2.5 GHz Core 2 duo, 4GB RAM