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Hi, I just recently returned home from a vacation and was gone a week.  I used my Mac desk top and thought I had turned it off.  In the morning a message came on talking about word not being shut down properly and I could loose any unsaved material.  I cancelled it out and then it immediately went to a blue screen.  I tried all the things I could think of, unplugged the mac etc, and it always goes back to a blue screen.  I did call someone who suggested I press the control button when starting my computer back up and I got a small box with a hard drive picture and an arrow below it.  I clicked on the arrow and it went to a blue screen again.  I have also unplugged all connections to the Mac and started it back up with only the power button on and it went to a blue screen.  I started it up and put in snow leopard as suggested and now I can not eject the CD.  My computer is probably five yeas old, I have never had any problems.  I just added some rams I believe back in early December and it worked great. 

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)