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Hi all,


I have an xServe running Mac OS X Server 10.6, this morning I had to make a few changes using the Workgroup Manager. I  created a new group, added some members to it and then change one user's password. I did all of this from Workgroup Manager on my iMac also running 10.6. A few minutes after performing that my iCal popped up a message that my calendar account could not authenticate to server, I was still connected to file shares on it which were still working, however I disconnected and tried reconnecting to them and they would not authenticate either.


I went ahead and rebooted the server, twice now. After the server rebooted I was able to connect to file shares from my iMac and my iCal seems to be talking to the calendar server just fine as well, however I still have two problems.


1. Jabber is not working, if I or one of my users try to connect to jabber it tells the the user name and password are incorrect (they are the same credentials that are working for the file server and iCal).


2. I can connect to the Workgroup Manager as long as I run it locally on the server, however if I try to connect to the Workgroup Manager from my iMac I am told that "You are working in a directory node that is not visible to the network."


It seems that something has gone wrong with authentication but I just don't know where to go with this and unfortunately support has expired on this server.


Can anyone point me in the direction of what might cause the above symptoms and how to resolve them?


Thanks in advance.

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    One thing I would like to add to the above, while I am unable to access the Workgroup Manager from my iMac, the Server Admin application does indeed work from my iMac.

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    I found that the iChat problems occurred because the setting under "Host Domains" only had the ".local" server name in it, the actual name of the server had disappeared from the list (on it's own by the way, I am the only person with acccess to this sever and I absolutely did not remove it from the list). Anyway, adding it back fixed that problem. However, I still can only connect with the Workgroup Manager from the local server, it will not connect from my iMac so I am still trying to determine the cause of that.

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    On your iMac, can you see and select 'LDAP v3' from the pop-up window named "Viewing Directory" just below the WGM icons at the top?

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    Thanks for your reply, I have left the office for today but will look at this first thing tomorrow and report back.

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    Well I am feeling a bit silly now because that was all I had to do. In the past Workgroup Manager had always opened right up to the list of my users, I never even thought to click on that but apparently that was all that was needed.


    I still am not sure how the iChat Server preferences changed themselves on me, but it is not the first time I have had weird "settings" issues with our Snow Leopard Server.



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    Well, thats tech. Its always something!