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I'm trying to create and EDL file from an FCP 7 sequence and I keep getting an error message that says

"The media files of one or more clips are missing timecode tracks and may also be missing reel names. Proceeding with the export will result in an EDL that will not represent the original sequence correctly."

All the clips are connected, there is nothing offline, and everything has been captured in so I can see timecodes and reel numbers. All graphics and effects have been removed.

I'm trying to send this to my editor to reconnect to original high-res, RED files.

Can anyone help me? Thank you.

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    >everything has been captured in...


    Describe how you captured exactly. What format(s) does your footage use?

    Does the project include still images - photos etc? That might be the issue here. Replace with a section of black and add a note in your EDL to include the still image's file name. An EDL is just a human readable text file after all - you can even add the note after the fact in TextEdit. Nests will also cause problems - even if the nest content uses TC and valid reel names.


    >All graphics and effects have been removed.


    Graphics such as lower thirds etc will only be included as "Key" entries in some EDL formats with the "Aux" reel description. This won't import the actual graphic of course, but some systems will replace it with a place holder. That might be color bars, black or a solid color, depending on what is assigned to mark an Aux on the finishing NLE. Other systems will simply ignore it.


    Filters and effects (with the exception of speed changes) have no way of being represented in any EDL format so it doesn't make a difference if you leave them in or not. Wipe transitions are kept intact so long as they conform to one of the SMTPE standard numerical IDs. Custom transitions will default to a cross dissolve or more usually, a SMTPE 01 left-right horizontal wipe, again depending on the system being used.