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I am just setting up a new laptop, and installed the latest java 7 update 17. It works fine on Firefox, but will not work in Safari. Before you tell me "dont use java", I have to. My works website uses java for download, so I must have it (until we move to Aspera).


I have checked both the system Java version (latest, and enabled) and the browsers settings. Java is enabled in all places it should be, yet I cannot get it to work in Safari. The Java website even tells me it cant even verify if Im running java or not. This is very annoying.


So to recap:


Safari: Enable Plugins, Enable Java and Enable Javascript is turned on.

Block Pop Ups is turned off.

Java 7 Update 17 has been installed on this computer.



System Tells me Im running the recommended version.

Security: Is set to HIGH, I even turned it lower at one point.


Ive repaired permissions, rebooted, etc. but no luck.


Any ideas?

15" Intel Mac Book Pro, Intel Mac Mini, MacPro, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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