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After applying 10.8.3 Combo Updater, the external display would not wake up after the computer resume from sleep.


Mac: MBP Retina 13" Late 2012


Display: Acer S230HL


Connection: DisplayPort - DVI cable


Please fix it Apple!

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    They won't see your complaint here.  Please report it via the proper choice at this link.  Apple - Feedback

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    Good call. I've done that.

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    Happy to report that this issue have gone away after installing Thunderbolt Firmware Update v1.2

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    I have used an Acer S230Hl on three Makbook Pros via the VGA wire and a thunderbolt adapter. No problems at all with 10.6, 10.7. Worked perfectly.


    With 10.8 the display would not wake up from sleep, most of the time. I found an annoying work around that helped maybe 70-80% of the time: unplug the VGA+adapter monitor feed, and then go to system preferences>>displays>>Color>>open the S230HL profile and then simply plug the monitor back in. I also delayed the sleep feature for 2 hours to prevent the problem, but it happens most of the tiem when I close the lid or put the machine to sleep manually.


    Now with Maverick (10.9), even this elaborate this trick does not work. Why the loss in compatability Apple? I've called applecare twice and the techs have not been able to help--and now are not responding or calling me back. Having to reboot my mac 3-4x a day is a major problem. Anyone have ideas for me?