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I just used "complete my album" to purchase the new Justin Timberlake album.  Guess I shouldn't have done this!  I didn't realize that my daughter had purchased "Suit and Tie" as a SINGLE, rather than a track off the album.  Now, my album is missing a track, because the single is a separate track.  Does that make sense?


Any way for me to remedy this?  Re-download w/o "complete my album"?  The tiny cost difference is not a concern.

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    If you have a desktop computer you can simply duplicate the track in "Finder" or "Explorer" (depending on your OS) and place it in the album folder.

    You will then need to go into iTunes, right click the track (which should now be within the album) and click "Get Info". You will now have to manually edit the tracks info.


    If you have iOS, there is no current solution. Currently emailing Apple support about this, as I've had a similar problem.

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    I'm having the SAME issue with the SAME album and the SAME single! Lol... Just bought the 20/20 Experience via complete my album after having purchased Suit and Tie a few weeks ago.  After changing the info in the Get Info tabs, it added Suit and Tie to my album but the title is in a light grey font and when I play the album from the beginning it skips Suit and Tie.  The single is in the album folder in Explorer but is still light grey and not playing with the whole album.  Now, if I click and play only Suit and Tie it plays fine.  Just not playing with the "completed album".  This ***!  Have the same issue with Bruno Mars album a few months ago as well.


    Help!!!  This is frustrating.