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I have trouble to connect different tables in different worksheets. If I want to change an item in one table I would like that the same item in a connected table in a different worksheet also changes. I have tried to copy selected cells and paged them to the other worksheet, but that doesnot function.

MacBook (13-inch Late 2009), Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Since I am not sure, in Numbers terminology, what a worksheet is the question is unclear.  In Numbers here are the relevent terms:


    A FILE is stored on your hard drive which contains a DOCUMENT which contains SHEETs which contain TABLEs, GRAPHICs, TEXT.   TABLEs contain CELLs which contain text, dates, numbers, formulas.


    If you are asking whether a cell in a particular table can refer to another cell in a different document then this is not possible in Numbers.  A cell can refer to a cell in another table of the same (or differerent) sheet so long as the sheets are in the same document.


    I hope this help clarify.  You can download the free Numbers Users' Guide which can be very handy too.



    Page 126 is where the details regarding cell references starts.