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Screen shot 2013-03-19 at 7.37.43 PM.pngBombs Away, Example and Firebeatz are supposed to come up in an album, instead they go here, sort of forming their own album with only one song in it.

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    If this is happening in Album View, then try the following to get them to come up together.  Each entry in the album will have to have the same "Album Artist," such as "Various Artists."  Go into Songs view and sort by clicking on the Album heading.  If that colum indicates something else, such as "Album by Artist" or "Album by Artist/Year," click the heading again until it indicates simply "Album."  scroll until you find the Album then right click on the first entry and select "Get Info."  Make sure you are looking at the Info tab, then enter whatever it is you want to appear as the "Album Artist."  Mark and Copy the text you have entered there.  Click on the Next button and repeat for each track by Pasting the entry you created into the Album Artist field for each track.  When you reach the last track, click on O.K.  Now when you go to Album view they should appear under the name you have provided, as well as under that name in Artist view.