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Because of space limitations on my SSD drive and for security purposes, I prefer to have my entire library on an external drive (residing on my AirPort Extreme). 


I thought everything was fine, but even after I change in my iTunes preferences where to point my library, iTunes STILL creates a local media folder under my Music.


To eliminate the possiblity of having two separate libraries, I'll delete this entire iTunes media folder, but when iTunes starts up, it thinks I'm starting it up for the first time and I have to once again point my library to my shared external drive to go through a very long, laborious process of recreating the library.


Is there an order in which I have to perform a stepped process?  Am I doing something that is not supported by Apple? 


If there is anyone out there that has successfully been able to use iTunes and a library on an external shared WiFi drive, please give me some guidance.


Thanks so much!