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I'm having a terrible time with Notes.app and syncing across icloud to my ios and 2 macs...  I'm using it for months now, and in general, it does ok, but every once in a while, it trashes a note, or simply deletes a note.


but now, it's gone real wonky-   I have a note I started on my iphone, and another, different note on my MacBookAir, but they won't sync to each other.  I have turned off/on notes in ios icloud... no luck.  other existing notes sync just fine.  I can add a letter to another, existing note, and it syncs almost immediately across all 3 devices. 


any suggestions?

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), i5 with Thunderbolt
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    Reset your phone, or repair the notes.app manually, I dont know how to do that though.

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    jmahone, I just edited the original question to reflect an update:  esentially, new notes created on any device are not syncing to the other devices.  Existing notes do reflect updates to to the other devices.


    what could this indicate?



    Is there any reason not to switch back to using gmail as the default note.app?  i used to use it in ios5/10.6, but I'm in ios6/ML on all devices now...

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    Also- on my notes.app on my iMac, I have no "default account" in the menu under "notes" (just below "accounts")... but on my macbook air I do.  same OS and Notes version.


    what's up?