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After the 10.8.3 update I am unable to boot mac pro.

I get stuck on a gray screen after hearing the starting chime sound.

Nothing further happens.

My boot volume is a software RAID.


I tried:

-start up manager (option key)

-save mode (shift key)

-recovery mode (command R)

-verbose mode (command V)

-reset of NVRAM


I also had just tried to install a 10.6. system on an older mac via fire wire traget mode.

For this I tried to start my mac pro from the 10.6. disc, which did not work.


How can I reset to boot my mac pro from the internal software raid drives with 10.8.3 installed.

I also have a proper time machine back up, but would like to avoid an entire rebuild.


Would be very happy about any input!

Mac Pro (Mid 2010), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    Everything mentioned in the articles I tried.

    There are no devices connected except for screen and keyboard.

    I am now downloading 10.8. ESD file to make a bootable usb stick.

    Hoping the machine sees it.

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    I now downloaded the 10.8 ESD file from the app store, make the bootalbe usb stick.

    The stick works on my labtop but on the mac pro still only the gray screen,

    no start up manager accessable.


    Any ideas to solve this problem?

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    I have exactly the same problem  - updated Mac Pro this morning - gets past apple screen, then all I get is a grey screen with a stuck GIF where the desktop would normally load.


    Hard drive can still be accessed over a network, but the GUI does not want to load.


    Must be a corrupt OSX file? Does any one know which files load the GUI/Desktop?

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    HELP!!! I did this update this morning too!! I have tons of work need urgently to use my macbookpro and im only getting that freaking gray screen! Ive gone through the steps on apple's gray screen startup problems. After doing a safe mode restart with command shift V, i get to this gray screen with apple logo and lines of text one after the other that read: "proc 102: load code signature error 4 for file "login window" a few times with differnt numbers, then: "validation failed and so on".


    This is frustrating! And client is waiting

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    Ok. So after going thought the steps pointed on apples gray screen troubleshooter, and reading about this 10.83 issue here at the forums, i finally went and managed to connect to my time machine to go back to latest backup (thank God last nights) with 10.82. Its giving me 9 hours wait to restore. A whole working day waisted on this issue. Ill post back after its finished to let you know how it went.


    Stay away from 10.83!!


    Im getting the feeling that Mac's are starting to behave more and more like PC's. :(

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    Well thank goodness for time machine. I reverted to 10.82 and after 9 hours wait for this to happen it finally works again.


    Hope everybody solves this issue too.

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    Glad you got your Mac fixed. But I hope you realize that an update can always go awry; corrupted download, stray voltage spike in your AC power, even a bug in the Installer of the Update. That's why it's never a good idea to update anything that affects your business for at least a week or even two AFTER the update comes out.


    And this applies not just to the OS Update, it may be even more important with an update to one of the apps you need for your business! 8-| There's hardly ever a valid reason to make an Update while working on a clients task. Certainly no reason to make an Update during the work week. That's what Week Ends are for! LOL!


    Basic rule for the OS Update, for me, anyway, is to NEVER use the Software Update version. I ALWAYS go to the Apple site and download the Combo Updater. It's often much larger, but it's never failed me. Maybe just that fewer people are hitting that server! Who knows? Who cares?


    Second basic rule, WAIT a few weeks to see if there are problems associated with any update. What's the advantage of being the first one on the block with a problem?!


    Third basic rule, try the download a second time. Bits/electrons are very slippery! Some have been known to fall out of the Internet "tubes!"

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    Hi, many thanks for your feedback. Youre abolsutely right. It wasnt my initial intention to update, i involuntarily made a mistake. I had seen that update reminder a few times, and always ignored it. But this morning I wanted to scan something with this new scanner, so I went to the Epson website to download the driver. There were specific instructions there that said, because of my OSX, to go and do an update with the Epson scanner conected and on, and it will automatically get the driver. I didnt knew if its was a new or old update, or if there were any issues with it. Thats my fault too. I should've browsed around and do some research. But first thing ine the morning with a coffee and a task so simple as to scan some documents,I never thought anything could go wrong.


    Anyway, I will try the combo updater, and will always do extensive research before updating.


    Many thanks!

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    I created a new boot drive (wiped and clean install), and it worked fine. However once I started it up, I discovered that I had a problem with my RAID disks and disk utility launched and started to repair them.


    Hope this is of some use to someone.

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    Can you hook the laptop to the Mac Pro to see if Disk Utility can detect the hard drive?