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I have (2) shared calendars in iCal with my wife for our iPhones (4s w/latest updates). I "hosted" them both, one for my work schedule, and one for appointments for our kid. The work iCal works great, she recieves any changes or modifcations I make. However, for the kids iCal, she will recieve any adds/edits that I make, BUT anytime she adds/edits an appointment, the changes never sync to my iphone. I even have the kids iCal set so she can add/edit the appointments, and not just "view only". Any ideas? Does this have something to do with me being the host, even though it's not a "view only" setting for her?


That brings me to my next question. My work iCal is set to "view only" for her, however, it continues to change back to "add/edit" for her, as if it's resettting to a default settting. Any ideas for that??? I can't have her accidently delete a work appointment - needs fix asap.


Any help, thanks.

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    ** UPDATE **


    okay, I think I managed to get the shared iCals to sync our calendars that we are subscribed to (still not sure how I did it)... however, still have an issue with my Work iCal, and the "view only" "add/edit" option. I only want my wife to be able to "view only", so I turn that setting on... however, it keeps changing back to "add/edit". I can't be having her accidentally modify any of my appointments. Any idea?