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When attempting to conserve battery while in an area where charging is just not feasible, I tell my wife to turn OFF her cellular data plan.  In this way, the phone is not transmitting/receiving all the time updating mindless useless data, Facebook chats/updates, etc.  BUT, she can still use the cell phone and send/receive texts. 


Or at least she "should" be able to.  Apparently, my wife's cell cannot.  Mine can.  And it should.  Texts have been available long before "data" was even an issue.  I suspect iMessage but cannot find settings that differ from mine (short of specifics like account ID, etc.)


Ideas?  Suggestions?


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    If you are sending imessage then yes it does need data. SMS messages do not. I suggest that if you want to go that route you turn imessage off. Go to Settings>Messages and turn imessage off.

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    1. You really should NOT post personal contact information in an open forum. Unless you really like spam. (And this is a user-to-user forum, so you are NOT communicating with any Apple employees).
    2. Are both of you using iPhones, and if so, what version of iOS?
    3. You can also lok at the Message settings in the Settings app. Make sure "Send as SMS" is checked.
    4. Make sure your carrier has SMS texting associated with her number.
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    One thing to note is that true SMS/Text messages are different form MMS/Picture messages.  You can send both using iMessage over a data connection (wifi or cellular).  When on cellular though, MMS does need cellular data enabled, even though it doesnot count against your metered data usage (on most US carriers anyway).  Is your wife trying to include pictures , movies , or audio in her messages that will not send when cellular data is off?

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    Just to be clear:


    iMessage is "NOT" texting ...

    and yes, iMessage does need data.  Text does not.  It uses the cellular carrier. 


    My problem is with texting. 

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    Was on-the-phone with carrier for over an hour ...

    they can't seem to figure it out.

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    I don't really need an education on text messages vs MMS vs iMessage. 

    The help and information is appreciated guys, but I'm a 3rd level IT guy. 


    I know all of these things. 

    iMessage is great ... but when you want that little battery to last longer in a pinch, you've gotta turn off that data.  And "texting" should still function normally.  It is not. 

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    Even if data is turned off, if you attempt to send an iMessage to another iMessages regestered device, it will still attempt to do so as iMessage unless you have Send as SMS turned on. Do you?

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    Having the same exact issue, I beleive what is happening is with data turned off we are sending SMS texts. We are receiving SMS texts from non iPhone users, no matter who their carrier is.  iPhone users with data turned on, are using iMessage, by default, therefore, we with data turned off, cannot receive their 'iMessages'. This setting does not enable iMessage to translate into SMS.

    So, my unlimited text plan is a waste when communicating with iPhone users.

    WIsh I never bought into an Apple product. My first, and last.