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I recently started having trouble charging my iPad 2. It went completely dead and when I went to charge it---nothing, no beeping sound, nada...I then did research and realized that by using my iPhone charger I had been committing a big no no. So I switched out the cords and am now trying my iPad 2 10w charger that came with it. Still nothing. It charges it enough to turn it on, but does not continue charging after being powered on. If I leave the iPad completely powered off, it does seem to be charging it (hard to tell because no charging battery symbol) but is charging VERY slowly. It was plugged in for over an hour and only charged 5% when I turned it on to check the percentage. Should I just assume I damaged the battery in my iPad and need to replace it at this point? I know the cables and wall plugs are working fine because I have tested them on different apple products as well as plugging the USB in to the computer. Thank you so much for any help.

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